Canada’s uncertainty principle

1. Two Weeks Ago, Patty Hajdu Said Government Was “Confident In The Safety Of AstraZeneca”

2. NACI Officially Recommends Provinces Stop Administering AstraZeneca Vaccine To People Under 55

The Canadian National Health Advisory Committee is now officially recommending provinces cease administering the AstraZeneca vaccine to individuals under the age of 55, following reports that they were about to issue that advice.

The vice-chair of NACI said there was “substantial uncertainty” regarding cases of the AstraZeneca causing blood clots.

The US has not yet approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for use there, but the Trudeau government still sought shipments of the vaccine to Canada just the same.

The European Union health regulator has been unable to clearly rule-out a link between the vaccine and rare cases of blood clots.

3. Jason Kenney notices that the Feds can’t model a paper airplane

The government rebuttal is very much in the language of both Obama and Trudeau. They attempt the defence of they didn’t know. In this case, the government claims they cannot predict the future, but all policies in place are based on their predictions of the future.

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4 Replies to “Canada’s uncertainty principle”

  1. I dealt with four people today, one is a stranger, a female nurse for my Tetanus shot. That was a booster for me! Not the shot, but the nurse. She’s one of the rare people I’ve spoken to whose thoughts are fully aligned with mine.

    The stranger nurse is not getting the C-19 injection, and she has four kids. There’s no reason for it, she said. She’s a fan of herd immunity.

    Like us, she says each person is entitled to their own choice. She opened up with me, I didn’t need to tease her. She said she doesn’t even have TV because it’s all lies and bad news.

    So, this nurse was a breath of fresh air for me as I was for her.

    The other three people, said friends, are a different story. One hung up on me and I don’t know why: all I wanted to know was if she got or will she get the injection, please tell me. I noticed they’re all going crazy. The Astra Zeneca was a revelation for them, it seems that’s all people are talking about. You just can’t reason with these people, they have anger in them, and they go off on tangents very quickly.

    The Agenda 2021-2030 is working well: Isolate, divide, crush.

  2. Amazing. It’s CTV News.
    The YouTube has no comments although comments are allowed.
    And only 14,322 views • Mar 26, 2021.

    • I have a suspicion. I bet comments are not allowed but they make it look like they are. Try leaving a comment. I bet you can see it, but no one else can. And it will be the only one to you. Please give it a try and report back. I bet this is next level deception by our enemy propaganda networks.

      • Anyone who does this, MAKE SURE YOU SCREEN GRAB the comment you leave and that it includes enough of the page above to prove that they are doing this. I am nearly certain they are.

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