So NOW we can talk about the fact that Covid19 is an artifact: Links 2, March 10, 2021

1. Now that Trump is out of office, we seem to be allowed to discuss the things he said are true, which are true. Like the fact that the Wuhan Flu virus is an artifact made at a Chinese lab and had nothing to do with a wet market.

Related: French Nobel Price winner in medicine explains that the virus was man made.

French Geneticist explains that it is man made and explains how we can know it is.

In this clip, additional discussion on gain of function work on the virus. Gain of function work, means it is an artifact. That starts just after four and a half minutes.

2. French student admits her lie got teacher Samuel Paty beheaded

A 13-year-old student has confessed to spreading a false story about French history teacher Samuel Paty — which set off a horrific chain of events that led to him being beheaded last year, reports said Tuesday.

The girl, whose name has not been released, admitted that she had “lied” about a classroom incident at the school west of Paris in order to please her father, the Independent reported.

She originally claimed that Paty, 47, had asked Muslim students to leave the class before he showed them cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class on free speech, the outlet reported.

The girl reportedly told her father that she was then suspended for two days after she challenged the teacher for sending Muslim students into the hall while he showed the blasphemous image.

(The rest of the article is inaccurate. RAIR covered in great detail, exactly what the timeline was for the attack and who incited who to do it. What is interesting is the dialectic we see playing out here as it does everywhere. If you tell a truth about Islam that casts an unflattering light, you are guilty of hate speech and will be cancelled, the truth of the matter, making it worse for the truth teller. But if you lie about someone offending muslims, you can get them killed. Consequences? Let’s wait and see. But don’t go without anything till then.)

3. Xi Alerts Military “Be Prepared To Respond” In Current “Unstable & Uncertain” Situation

During the major annual legislative session in Beijing on Tuesday President Xi Jinping addressed top leaders of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), telling the military it must be “prepared to respond” in increasingly difficult and complex security challenges facing the nation. 

“The current security situation of our country is largely unstable and uncertain,” Xi said in the address which comes two days after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave his own fiery warning to the same assembly saying the US is “crossing lines” and “playing with fire” on Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan.

4. One of Europe’s LARGEST data centres destroyed by fire. 3.6 million websites taken offline. No data is likely to be recoverable.

(Was it near a Cathedral? That might explain it if it was.)

5. Singapore Muslim soldier arrested for planning stabbing spree outside synagogue

Amirull Ali intended to ambush and kill at least three Jewish men as they left prayers, security officials say; he also planned to travel to Gaza to join Hamas.

A radicalized Singaporean Muslim soldier has been arrested for planning a deadly stabbing spree against Jews, officials said Wednesday.

Such cases are rare in multi-ethnic Singapore, where different religious and ethnic groups generally live peacefully side by side.

Amirull Ali, 20, planned to ambush and kill at least three Jewish men as they left a synagogue after prayers, security officials said. Israel’s Channel 12 specified that he intended to target the Maghain Aboth Synagogue.

(Of course they call him radicalized but if he had pulled it off, they would name streets after him in several muslim countries)

Thank you M., PC., Gates of Vienna, Johnny U., TB., ET., EB., PC. Richard, and all who sent in materials, comments and clarity of any kind.

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8 Replies to “So NOW we can talk about the fact that Covid19 is an artifact: Links 2, March 10, 2021”

  1. ITEM 1: Trump didn’t lift the funding restriction on the Gain of Function research. He didn’t fund it. It was Fauci who went behind his back and found a way to funnel budget money to the Wuhan Lab GoF research.

  2. 3 – Xi is going to attack Taiwan, after all of this big talk and provocation he will loose too much face if he doesn’t.

    4 – Another reason to not store anything in the Cloud.

    • 3 His internal problems are perhaps far greater than we can know or realize as that has always been the main historical reason for attacking a neighbour. whatever the politics, as an indirect means to use “patriotism” to unite a country.

  3. 1 After the initial Wuhan surge of CV19, and before it became worldwide several Indian biologists came out and said that in the middle of the viral genome were three genes taken straight out of the HIV virus. Their report was forcibly withdrawn (under threat IIRC) and later on when it was ascertained that these same three genes enabled binding onto the lymphocytes which did all of the damage in severe cases.
    IMO it was always a manmade biological weapon and always has been and its makers and those who subsidized them must be overjoyed with how well it all worked.
    In my world any involved westerner would be summarily shot out of hand and it will come to this in the end although it is the targets who may differ.

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