Dedicated to one of Vlad Tepes Blog’s most dedicated and observant contributors, Wrath of Khan

This morning at 1:10 AM ET the following comment was left at this site in the Reader’s Links post for March 8, 2021 by contributor, Wrath of Khan.

Hello Vlad and friends! Unfortunately my time is running out a bit prematurely. So I will say this; keep looking into a better future, never give in to globalist leftist schemes and the red-green machinations. Keep up the good fight and educate new generations about the risks and self-preservation. It has been a tremendous privilege working on these projects with all of you over all those years. I will leave the YT channel online for posterity. Good luck to all of you and bye bye. Wrath0fKhan signing off…

There is nothing I can write that is not inadequate to the gravity of that comment. But neither can it go unanswered.

At the thread linked above there are comments, and many of you I’m sure will like to add your own.

I would like to say that Wrath of Khan has been contributing daily to this site now for nearly the whole time it has been up.

His contributions are effectively the same as having a subscription to STRATFOR. In fact, Stratfor’s SITREPS and other analysis are often taken from the same articles that Wrath of Khan finds and posts to us each day and for free. There is a mighty education in geopolitics from the articles he posts. Wrath’s contributions have been one of the foundational aspects of this website along with many others here at Vlad, and his comment on his leaving, whatever that may mean specifically, is felt viscerally by myself and many of us here.

So it is with tremendous sadness that I wave good bye, and with enormous gratitude for all the work he has done for us all for many years now. And yes, his Youtube Channel is something people may want to go to and download select or all videos before Google notices they are non-narrative videos and remove that legacy from us all.

I must say, this is one of, if not the most difficult thing I have had to write for some time. Fortunately some wonderful people have started to leave their own thoughts under his post.

Thank you again dear friend to me, this site, and all of us who have read your contributions over the years.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

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9 Replies to “Dedicated to one of Vlad Tepes Blog’s most dedicated and observant contributors, Wrath of Khan”

  1. What a pity, an Era comes to an End.
    Every morning I was looking forward to his comments and insightful observations of what is going on.
    We’ll fight on with a new Battle Cry;
    with WRATH 0F KHAN into the breach.


  2. If my reading of his comments re true Wrath of Khan is leaving us for a better place, he can tell them he stood tall when it was hard and fought the good fight until the end. We will miss him and his knowledge and courage.

  3. Yes, the gravity of his message. It hit us all by reminding us that one day, it will be our turn.

    Wrath of Khan did it gracefully. An immense loss for many. Now, it’s up to us to keep up the fight. That will be his recompense and peace of mind.

    Let’s all send him wonderful vibrations of peace and love. It’s the best we can do and it comes back to us. It is what he needs, I believe.

    Salute to Wrath of Khan!

  4. ” Le depart d’un seul être peut dépeupler le monde”

    The somewhat clunky translation of this sentence from a poem I do not remember, by an author whose name I forgot is:

    “The departure of a single person can depopulate the world”.

    I miss you Wrath of Khan


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