Six more Canadian doctors speak out, and much more: Links 1, March 8, 2021

1. German legislator caught making money from the sale of PPE. Was he also one of the legislators that mandated its use?

2. SIX Canadian doctors speak out about Wuhan Flu measures. This video was yanked from Youtube like only the Soviets could have done it. This video is very good and good science.

Remember when Google’s motto used to be, “Don’t be evil”? now its:

3. US DEPLOY B52 BOMBER READY TO STRIKE ON IRAN. Major warning by US as B-52s fly over Middle East.

4. No need to worry. All those people who are fully ‘vaccinated’ do not have to stop living in fear, or give up the symbol that the government now has total control of what you do and how you do it and where.

CDC link here. I believe they do “allow” people to gather indoors with no masks if everyone has been double tapped with the mRNA gene therapy.

5. Prager U has a new 5 minute video with an ex-ANTIFA member (A group I call, ANFINO, or, ‘Anti fascist in name only). There is no embed that I can find. Click this link to see it on Prager U.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Johnny U., PC., C., ML., Richard, ET., Michelle, Hellequin GB., and MANY more who give so much to so many.

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  1. Anti Faith, Intuition (G)Nosis and Observation.

    muslim on muslim crimes
    muslim Lives Matter
    AntiFascist FascistAnti
    Their Be and Do; shatter.

    Brown Skin on Brown Skin crimes
    Brown Skin Lives Matter
    AntiRacist RacistAnti
    Their Me and You; tatter.

    Sexual on Sexual crimes
    Non-Ciss Lives Matter
    AntiSexist SexistAnti
    Their Sub and Dom; scatter.

    Left Brain Right Brain
    Mono-Brain Lives Matter
    SocioAutist AutistSocio
    Lobotomized chatter

  2. ITEM 2 – Just wow! Something incredible happened to me today.

    I went to a government alcohol outlet to buy a bottle of red wine. I usually limit my alcohol consumption to one bottle once a week. At the checkout, the employee touched my bare hand with her bare hand, her bare fingers on my bare fingers, as we are separating and counting the coins (I had a lot of change in my wallet).

    I mentioned it to her, I congratulated her for not being in fear. She agreed with me. I told her about the dangerous chemical soap they want us to lather our hands with. She told me her hands had been fully rashed with that sanitizer, up to her wrist. And she is aligned with our opinion re the Covid scam.

    ANYWAY, it felt great having real human skin-to-skin physical contact, devoid of gloves, with a stranger as we worked together separating coins.

    ALL the measures said of protection are meant to divide and isolate us as human beings. I read today that in some areas, ‘orange’ ones, people will be allowed to congregate with no masks and no distance requirements if they ALL got the C-19 (unreliable) vaccine. How will they know who was vaccinated? Will people have to carry proof of vaccination?

    And then… they called us ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.

    • The alarm went off and the well known writer went into a trance…

      They were back in the store, and Security had arrived.
      The Touch-Police were on their way.
      “Put the coins down!”
      Mavis looked at Sassy, Sassy looked at Mavis. Neither knew each other’s name, only the reality between them.
      Well-padded pair of handcuffs.were produced from the zip bag of the designated worker. Mavis could smell the disinfectant.
      “99.99% effective,” she said. “There’s a reason Hospitals have MRSA super bugs. We’re universally letting the 0.01% get away to breed”.
      A shopper was physically sick, wiping her mouth ineffectively with blue gloves. She had not seen naked hands in public since the News Media had alerted the nation of the new danger. Hourly.
      A Canadian heckled with his hand is his pockets, (where the Security Guards told everyone to put where they can’s see them). “People like you put others at risk. Get out of the store, get out of this store!”
      The mood was changing. A Breech of the Peace was had heavy penalties. And Sassy became aware that a Hate Crime could be committed from anyone feeling offended and then she would be taken to the Court of Human Rights. Her accuser would be unknown as she scanned their eyes.
      The Police, she could see out of the corner of her eye entering the store. A petite officer with two large colleagues. If threatened, little ones draw out their tazers first and ask questions later.
      Looking Mavis in the eye, dropping her mask, she planted a huge open mouth loving kiss. “It’s O.K. We live together in one bubble.”
      The Guards and the Police looked at each other with disguised disappointment. . And then at the man nervously backing away. A Cis-Homosexual. Officers always trained to check the privileges at the scene…

      His wife tapped quietly, carrying cup of tea, and entered… “What are you doing reading that Vlad Blog?”

      • Quite the storyteller, you are.
        And I haven’t written about my visit to the retail grocery outlet after buying the wine. I’m getting there with the mask issue. Soon, I’ll be able to remove it after entering the store.
        If more people removed their masks for a few minutes at a time, there would come a time when most people will remove the mask entirely and the store is powerless.
        The strategy is to do it in increments over time, just enough that they won’t address the issue, and expand from there on. It works.

  3. Off topic: BIDEN

    Vlad, you need a special file download under another format for posterity re Biden.

    Awkward. Joe Biden seems to forget the name of the Pentagon, as well as the name of his secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin (plus the two women who he is honoring).

    He’s supposed to give a presser in a few weeks. I figure they are overloading him in info and over-training him. This is really very serious bad stuff.

  4. 3 B52s???? Even over North Vietnam with the missile technology of the 1960s they were vulnerable and they are only useful if there is no serious GtA or AtA opposition. Unless this is a feint of some kind IMO the Ayatollahs would be ROFL.
    I suppose that long range neutral/friendly territory long range launching of precision missiles or ? cruise missiles (?Richard?) is possible but if Iran attacks them with missiles/aircraft I would not like to be crew.

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