Actor in Israel details the new Covid tyranny steamrolling Israeli law and individual rights

The claims this man makes I have seen in various credible news sources. This is why I am posting this video. I believe that his assertions are correct.

The embed does not seem to work. Here is the direct link


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6 Replies to “Actor in Israel details the new Covid tyranny steamrolling Israeli law and individual rights”

  1. It was also Frederiksen from Denmark and Kurz from Austria.
    “Only vaccinated or recovered…pass…many countries…”
    They are playing by the book.

  2. YOU don’t know COVID sick and dead?
    ………How nice for you………
    Believe it or not, I do. Israel does.
    Israel is not USA.

    No mad dash to bomb shelters, no sacrificing your youngsters. No worries about field hospitals, logistics to cope with existing patients as casualties both civilian and military start pouring in.

    The only serious cases now are those who’ve NOT fully vaxxed. Arab Israelis and haredim. They don’t mobilize, anyway; people who DO get jealous.

    Whining Americans feel abused, want to SHARE? Bent out of shape by a MONITOR, snowflake? Who the HELL needs you in Eretz?

    Civil rights don’t pass muster?

    • You think Jewish Israelis can’t catch an infectious disease from Arab Israelis? They live and work and vote together.

      ALL Israeli citizens have EXACTLY the same access. Same priority by age, health status.

      Trash talk begets blood-libel. It’s irresponsible.
      Especially before Passover.

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