Having another look at Covid measures, loss of freedom and the science behind the treatments being pushed by establishment and authority

Please also watch the Red Pill Germany video right below this post and add that information to this information. Also add the information from yesterday’s post about a vaccine maker that made a safe effective and CHEAP vaccine using 30 year old safe tech currently used to make Hep A and Hep B vaccines, and the establishment is SUING HIM for telling people about it.

There is a video interview with the German vaccine maker which is truly eye opening. Not because its outrageous, it is of course, but not blatantly. But because it is so reasonable that one has to conclude that at the very best we have at least three groups causing our misery and none of it is necessary.

Group one would be incompetent and dishonest politicians who know they made a terrible mess of things, even with good to moderately good intentions, but have to keep up horrible measures so as not to get destroyed by the backlash till they can work out how to keep their gig and their money and let us get back to our own lives.

Group two would be the Rahm Emanuel group. The ones who created the crisis, or at best took advantage of it in order to implement an ideologically based set of changes on us all that never could have happened if the machinery of democracy was intact. An example would be Trudeau’s fiat gun ban. But there are lots more examples across the West where left leaning governments are passing bills and implementing regulations and laws that are anathema to a free and democratic society.

Group three would be the more familiar criminal types like MAFIA and big pharma and people who know you can make enormous amounts of money by mandating something you have a taste of. If Merkel is willing to pollute her soul for a small piece of the skim from the sale of PPE, imagine what Big Pharma would do for trillions of dollars to develop new injectable gene therapies. Imagine what rules they would break, allow people to die to stop them from exposing cheap and safe treatments like Ivermectin and/or HCQ+Zinc. Or what they would do to people like the German vaccine maker that came up with a cheap, effective and safer alternative using technology that has been approved for at least 30 years and has been in use that long already.

One doesn’t need a vast conspiracy to explain things as they are today. Especially when tacit collusion works just as well.

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