Vaccines and more woman tell that Cuomo made a pass at them: Links 1, March 7, 2021

1. Canada’s Global News, a kind of slave-net to CBC, a fully narrative compliant, enemy-propaganda media empire explains how we can all get vaccinated and 24/7. No questions are asked.

2. The WHO pandemic planning document-states face masks are ineffective in reducing viral spread.

3. Hundreds protest against compulsory vaccination at the Palace of Parliament, Romania

Hundreds of protesters came on Sunday afternoon to protest against the draft law on compulsory vaccination, which is being debated in Parliament, with the Alliance of Parents being the organiser of this meeting.

“Not against vaccination, but for the FREEDOM to decide,” was the slogan announced by the initiators of the action – the Alliance of Parents and four other associations, Pro Consumers, Doctors for Informed Consent, United Nation and Pro Informed Decisions.

Those present said that they were dissatisfied that the draft law on vaccination of persons in Romania under the debate of the Chamber of Deputies included provisions regarding the mandatory vaccination for the entire population, both children and adults, but also some huge fines in case of refusal.

The demonstration, which started at around 15:00 in Izvor Park in front of the Palace of Parliament, was also joined by members of the political party the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), including the party’s co-chairs – Claudiu Tarziu and George Simion.

Similar actions are organized on Sunday afternoon in other cities in Romania, such as Oradea and Sibiu. AGERPRES (RO – author: Iulia Carciog, editor: Marius Fratila; EN – editor: Adina Panaitescu)

4. NY Senator says Cuomo should resign if a 4th woman comes forward who the Governor is accused of making a pass at.

Cuomo speaks to Trump’s attitude towards women

March 4: New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins says Governor <b>Cuomo shouldn’t resign unless a fourth accuser comes forward

March 6:

March 6:

In REAL news, Cuomo covered up a huge percentage of people who died because of his policies during the actual pandemic phase of the Wuhan Flu



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5 Replies to “Vaccines and more woman tell that Cuomo made a pass at them: Links 1, March 7, 2021”

  1. Demonstration in Romania, Bucharest…about 12.000 to 15.000 …few hundreds if you watch CNN.
    It was also in Timisoara a demonstration… there were under 1000 persons.

  2. It’s not just Cuomo who has cooked the death stats, but every authority big or small who seized and exploited Wuhan power–Ontario’s Ford, Dear Leader, state governors, municipal politicians–all the way down the line. And this abuse of power has little to do with the actual deadliness of the disease.

    • What was interesting was the attention to macabre video’d detail provided by the MSM right at the beginning and IMO it looks like this was orchestrated well in advance. They opened the bottle and had the “presses” running even before the genie climbed out and bit a few.
      Cv19 can cause problems but an Ebola clone would have been too obvious and by keeping it in the SARS family made an accident as origin possible and still having a kill number to heighten the political excuses.
      Like the election, this was highly detailed in the orchestration and the performance. I wonder just how many actually were aware (in both cases) of what was really happening? Or did the cogs just mindlessly turn believing in the indoctrinated idealism of the “greater good”?

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