Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Greenpeace, on BOLTA (Andrew Bolta’s) amazing show Australia

Andrew Bolt and Patrick Moore go afield at the end though when they speculate as to why facts which oppose the narrative are disallowed in media, social or otherwise, and why “fact checkers” on Facebook like about, well facts. The answer is, as it has been for some time, that with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point. The left must force the culture leftwards at all costs. So we must say polar bears, (which are very photogenic, unlike Norwegian rats), are declining despite special measures in place to protect people from bear attacks by the swell they are having in population. “Fact Checkers” are there to make sure that the truth, actual facts, cannot be permitted to interfere with the narrative. The left is always on the side which pushes away from Western Civilization, and in some ways, from humanity itself.

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  1. I am leaning toward thinking that the left has never had a positive aspect or a good intention and has always been nothing but so many useful idiots with chips on their shoulders, still furious about the egregious British class system back in 1810 – that they can never forgive – doing the bidding of the various dictators of the world, from Hitler to Lenin to Stalin to Mao and Uncle Ho – simply out of vengeance against the bloody hated upper-class Ponces. All that “Don’t give a damn. I ain’t going to Vietnam” stuff was never anything other than angry vicious traitors working on the side of the enemy, not people of conscience doing what they think is right. And “Make love, not war” is a slogan that would make an enemy general so very happy. Think about it. When has a leftist ever said anything that didn’t make the enemy say, “Excellent. Excellent…”?

    The internet has revealed to me that there is a very sizeable population of real genuine dyed-in-the-wool dickheads who wish the very worst on everybody else, and to those dickheads, the message of the enemy always looks pretty good because it makes people uncomfortable, which is what dickheads like to do. Same with “environmentalists” and “feminists” and, well… you get the idea… Like, “Defund the police” has no element of making anything better. It’s just a straight-out attack on the West and a way to make everything worse. And Black Lives Matter is purely a device designed to spark black-on-white violence and police assassinations. Left-wing dickheads…

    What I’m saying is that leftists are simply bad people who, like firebugs, get a kick out of screwing everybody else because they are rotten to the core and love knowing they are responsible for causing your discomfort and making you run around with a water-bucket, and that’s just what they do. They’d take a dump in the community well if they could get away with it…

  2. No chris, some are as you mention, but the majority are indoctrinated to become lunatic idealists who believe that they are saving both humanity and the planet and that all who disagree or oppose are evil.
    However they are just tools. the really truly evil ones are those at the top who are in charge of this destruction of the west and then the 80% of humans that they have stated that they can do without.
    This is planned, organized and run by the globalists who see Xi as a fellow billionaire NOT a communist.
    The whole Wuhan lab scenario was organized and paid for by western globalist with Xi’s blessing and all we hear about are their minions not those in charge. Soros and Gates are exceptions in that they cannot stop bragging and I doubt totally than Nancy and her DNC cronies realize that this is NOT their party as they lack the funds to join it but are only tools themselves jostling for that billion before the gates close.

    • addendum: Moore is an innate optimist if he really thinks that facts will have an effect on a fiction that is designed to give total control to the elite and has already virtually done so. Between the illegals invasions, the CV shutdowns and the lunatic climate changes to the western way of life being forced upon us all, I strongly doubt that truth will matter anywhere, anymore. Trudeaux and Canadas (my sympathies there) will be the future norm everywhere unless a LOT of blood is shed and most of us are far too comfortable to die for it. By indoctrinating our children they have blocked the chance of insurrection everywhere. Stalin/Hitler/Mao are really impressed as would be every historical tyrant.

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