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10 Replies to “China appears to be having dress rehearsals for a war of conquest with Taiwan”

  1. I should imagine they do this on a regular basis. We practice all sorts of war scenarios, too. It’s basically meaningless. Keeps the troops busy and out of trouble, always important with large groups of young men.

    • Yes indeed. The Russians resumed Arctic overflights of North America many years ago now, forcing US/Canadian fighters to scramble often. Even overflying Ottawa etc. with Tupelo nuclear capable bombers. Ok this is the new normal you don’t read about unless you subscribe to something like STRATFOR, which I used to before it wen’t darkside under Obama.

      But the assumption on posting is that China/Taiwan is not brinksmanship and is not normal. You could be right and its best if you are. But it apepars that China/Taiwan rhetoric and maneuvers are not this profound and that there is an escalation recently.

      Certainly the Chinese militarization of artificial islands built for that purpose signals a kind of ambition of manifest destiny.

      I bet we find out soon.

      • I am reading how if Trump had been sworn in within 4 years Taiwan would have declared independence from China. They are headed that way, Xi and the CCP can’t let that happen and expect anyone to agree to their other claims of ownership in the South China Sea and elsewhere.

        Remember nothing happens in a vacuum, look at the other things that are happening and connect the dots. It looks a lot like war, especially since we have Biden in the White House.

        Also remember how Obama (before the election) said he would be happy to remain in the shadows as long as he got to make the decisions. With Bidens mental problems someone else is making the decisions and I don’t think it is Harris.

  2. You’d think that at least a few Democrats would be intelligent enough to see that the China-Party has put their man back in the White House and is now taking a sledgehammer to the United States of America. Biden and Obama are almost certainly active agents working for the Chinese and they are just starting their third term as the US Executive. Imagine how proud their spy agency must be at having gotten three hole-in-ones in a row… My God, the American People are gullible…

    And, of course, if Joe dares to say anything about the Chinese invading Taiwan they’ve got all those bribe videos they have on him and his corrupt son that could put him in jail for life if they felt like it so he won’t say much, will he…

    Honestly! Biden just hops from destruction to destruction as he shuts down the pipeline and bans the drilling and on and on and on. He will cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars before he is through and the Democrats will keep believing he’s a great guy…

    • I don’t think Biden is in the decision making chain, I don’t think he has the capabilities of deciding what he is going to eat at any meal. It is Obama and his advisers who are making the decisions with Harris setting quietly until her opinion is ask.

      We are sailing uncharted waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a storm.

  3. Xi is facing mounting opposition in the CCP, this is partially caused by the natural disasters that have destroyed a large portion of the food crops. By the CCP kicking people out of homes they have lived in for decades to tear down the houses and build new expensive Apartment Buildings, and by the way Xi is trying to reverse the trend for Crony Capatilism (another form of command economy) that is free enough to let people get more money and luxuries. And by the Chinese economy tanking partially because command economies don’t have the flexibility to quickly handle emergencies, partially caused by the Wuhan Flu stopping a lot of the world from importing made in China goods. And finally partially caused by the Communist government reaching its sell by date. As far as I can tell from history communist countries have a life span of around 70 to 80 years, after that they fall apart. 1950s to 2020 is 70 years.

    Xi wants something to take the peoples minds off their problems, to take the wind out of the sails of his political opponents. While he would love to capture the Taiwanese factories intact he will settle for capturing the Island, assuming he is planning on taking the Main Island. He may be satisfied with taking one or two of the out laying islands hoping that will calm things down inside China.

    Will Xi attack Taiwan? Right now this is what the signs are pointing to.

    Will he attack the main Island? I don’t know, that depends on what is happening inside China and elsewhere. Remember if the US comes into the war (or possibly if we don’t) the Pacific Nations of Japan, Australia, the Philippines and India (I know India is on the Indian Ocean not the Pacific) we all have to decide if they are going to fight. The decision should boil down to , “Do we fight now with allies, or do we wait until we are fighting alone.” Remember the Chinese Maritime Survey Vessels have been mapping the waters around the Philippine Islands. Probably for charts for their subs in case of war.

    Will Biden order the US forces in the Far East to defend Taiwan? People in Congress are working hard to tie Biden’s hands so that he has no choice but to defend Taiwan, but with Biden who knows. I can see him ordering our forces to sink the Chinese Navy and I can see him ordering them to Stand Down.

    Another thing Xi has to take into consideration is if Taiwan is falling will they launch mass swarms of ballistic missiles and drone missiles at the 3 Gorges Dam? I don’t know and I don’t think anyone outside of the Taiwanese High Command knows the answer to that question. Leaving this question unanswered is as good a deterrent as saying they will and this way they don’t get the left wingers around the world screaming about them planning mass murder.

      • It isn’t the open sympathizers they have to worry about it is the hidden ones.

        What is worrying the other Nations is, if Taiwan falls who is next on Xi’s to do list? They would rather keep this as an aerial and Naval war if they can. Although over the past 12 to 18 months the Marine Corps has been modified to be able to carry out an island hopping campaign to drive China out of a lot of islands.

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