Another science magazine bites the Marxist bullet: Links 1, February 21, 2021

1. Germany faces crisis of not enough cases to justify the excessive and near total destruction of basic rights

(We are looking at a couple of stories in Hungarian and German news now that claim the Merkel led government hired scientists to create higher numbers so they could do these measures. If this is the case, we now know there is a Ministry of Truth in Germany, and therefore likely Canada and USA)

2. Berlin Police Called Out to Antifa Stronghold over 700 Times in 2020

(And yet curiously…)

Police in the German capital of Berlin were called out to the area around the Antifa stronghold of Rigaer 94 a total of 717 times in 2020 to deal with incidents ranging from violence to threats and property damage.

Police were called out to the building, which has been partially illegally occupied for years by far-left Antifa militants, to deal with hundreds of different offences, according to a Berlin senate response to a question posed by libertarian Free Democrat MP Paul Fresdforf.

A total of 157 investigations by police revolved around reports of assaults, threats and insults against police officers, while another 90 investigations involved assaults on other people, German newspaper Die Weltreports.

Social Democrat politician Torsten Akmann, whos serves as Berlin Interior Secretary, noted that the area around the squat on Rigastrasse, located in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, had become “characterized by crimes and administrative offences of the left-extremist scene.”

(…nothing is done about it. But ONE conservative or even non-communist revolutionary out for a walk or sitting on a bench and we know what happens to him)

3. A very worthy article by Pastor James Coates, who remains in solitary confinement in Alberta custody because he refuses to say he will abide by the imposed terms of release. A person with the kind of integrity who is willing to suffer in jail because he will not lie to his oppressors, which is what Canadians have been trained to do since as long as I have been alive, deserves to be read.

4. Pope removes conservative African cardinal who warned Islam would ‘invade the world’ after clash with Vatican

A top Vatican cardinal who had been touted by many to succeed as the next pontiff, has resigned from his post after clashing with the Church.

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation from Robert Sarah, a hero to many conservatives who often clashed with the pontiff on theological matters.

The African cardinal, who is from Guinea, held various Vatican positions in the last 20 years, the latest as head of the department that oversees matters of worship and sacraments.

He caused controversy in 2019 after claiming Islam ‘would invade the world’ if the Catholic Church did not intervene on mass migration.

Sarah had submitted his resignation in June last year when he turned 75, as Church law requires of all bishops, but the pope often allows Vatican officials to remain in their posts longer.

(Interesting that the screaming of racism never happens when the person cancelled is not communist. Also interesting that this Cardinal was cancelled for actually being and acting Catholic. Which is tantamount to being and acting American at this stage.)

5. Scientific American now just another neo-Marxist propaganda rag

(Pretty sure you don’t need Houdini to escape those overtones. But you do need quite a bit of intellectual prestidigitation to argue they exist at all.)

Thank you PC., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Kalloi, Michelle, Hellequin GB., ML. and MANY more who worked over the weekend to send us warnings and clarity.

It sure feels here like Trudeau’s new anti-conservative bill, (and I call it that because generally those who believe in firearms ownership are overwhelmingly responsible individualists,) is designed to create even more of a Soviet like replacement for rule of law, as anyone can report anyone for any reason and cost them their right to the possession of their own property. This feels a lot like Covid regulations in Canada as well, where if your neighbour is annoyed that you won’t lend him your riding mower, he can have you busted for having your children over for a visit and open the door to bureaucratic hell.

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