Tuesday snapshot of some of the events changing our world for the worse: Links 1, February 9, 2021

1. Tucker interviews the author of a Tablet article on Biden’s new China-centric foreign policy. This article was sent in to the comments and my email and text by several people.

2. Tucker on illegals not needing to be tested for Corona when entering the USA

3. Video detailing strictly factual aspects of the Noveber 6th US election.

Unmasked – Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election_ from Tyrone Steele on Vimeo.

4. Burmese police fire into the air and rubber bullets into crowds protesting the military coup in that country.

5. Montreal hospital seems kinda underwhelmed for a place that is supposed to justify harsh curfews.

(There have been many cases of media lying about hospitals being totally overwhelmed by Covid patients when usually its the exact opposite. Not only are there not many covid patients, but people suffering from everything else are not going to hospitals out of fear, or because they are told not to. This is killing a lot of people.)

Thank you all who sent in these and many more materials in the Reader’s Links today.

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  1. I met a funeral care worker I know in the street yesterday.

    I said “I take it you are busy?”.

    Yes,very, ” he replied ” and it is not all covid. We are getting alot of cancers deaths now. People who were stage 1 a year ago and have had no treatment or have not been seen due to cuts. Also suicides…they are going through the roof.!”

    Almost ad verbatim.


    • Heard the same from a Friend in Germany that makes Coffins.
      The “funny” part is, Funeral Parlors almost went Bankrupt at the height of the “Plandemic”, and now they can’t keep up with the “Demand” because of the Lockdown Fallout.
      Those Politicians have a lot to answer for and a lot of Blood on their hands.
      But I guess that’s fine by them, they seem to love bathing in peoples spilled Blood, as long as it keeps them in Power and theirs and their Friends Bankaccounts overflowing with Blood-money.

  2. Looks may be deceptive.

    The nephrology clinic at one of Boston’s major university hospitals now has the pre-plague caseload (at last!), but you see few people hanging around. No waiting-room, no reception, nobody hanging around idle.

    • You wait OUTSIDE. (Many in cars, parked in the adjacent structure. The casual observer wouldn’t see them.)

    • Usual appt Q-&-A, updates by phone while you wait till you’re summoned. “Next!”

    • ONLY patients allowed into the hospital, not family or helpers. Guards give you new surgical mask, hand sanitizer.

    • You’re directed straight to the clinic along roped-off corridors, no sharing elevators.

    • One technician does it all: check-in, chart, phlebotomist, misc. labs.

    • Doc sees you, lays on hands. New, portable machines replace trip to a dedicated room.

    • Same technician gives you papers, escorts you back through empty-looking corridor.

    • One by means of the other. It speaks about Dominion machines and the software it uses and makes the claims that these companies are suing people over for BILLIONS of dollars.

      Companies are desperate not to draw fire from Dominion. Of course none of this means the claims are true or not true. It means that people are afraid of being destroyed by a punitive process where truth may or may not matter but freedom of speech most certainly does not.

      In a way, its Alinsky rule #4. Hold the enemy up to a standard they cannot possibly live up to. In this case, use the civil law to censor.

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