One French Teen may force the French to pick a side on Freedom of speech: Links 2, February 9, 2021

1. Trudeau’s crappy, punitive little regulations punishing middle income Canadians for going somewhere nice, where all scientists say has the least chance of having Covid as its dry and hot and sunny in the Caribbean, are being delayed for some reason.

The Canadian government announced it was going to subject Canadian residents to mandatory quarantine, at their own expense, after returning from international travel, regardless of their negative COVID status. After public backlash and the threat of legal action, the government is now delaying those plans, but some are alleging that the government has already arrested Canadians arriving in the country by air and transported them to a secret hotel location. Joining us to discuss this developing story and what Canadians can do about it is John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

(So nice to see the JCCF weigh in on this.)

2. CBC publishes article which implicates the Iranian state in the attack of the passenger jet some years ago. Interesting that it would happen at a time when the Biden admin appears to be spoiling for another foreign adventure.

Former UN prosecutor calls the recording ‘highly significant’ new evidence

The Canadian government and security agencies are reviewing an audio recording in which a man — identified by sources as Iran’s foreign affairs minister — discusses the possibility that the destruction of Flight PS752 was an intentional act, CBC News has learned.

The individual, identified by sources as Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif, is heard saying on the recording that there are a “thousand possibilities” to explain the downing of the jet, including a deliberate attack involving two or three “infiltrators” — a scenario he said was “not at all unlikely.”

He is also heard saying the truth will never be revealed by the highest levels of Iran’s government and military.

“There are reasons that they will never be revealed,” he says in Farsi. “They won’t tell us, nor anyone else, because if they do it will open some doors into the defence systems of the country that will not be in the interest of the nation to publicly say.”

On Jan. 8, 2020, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 in the skies over Tehran with two surface-to-air missiles, killing all 176 people aboard, including 138 people with ties to Canada.

CBC News has listened to the recording of the private conversation, which took place in the months immediately following the destruction of Flight PS752. CBC had three people translate the recording from Farsi to English to capture nuances in the language.

(If the CBC’s translators are as honest and agenda free as the Toronto Star’s are in the case of the Toronto Imam, then we are going to war with Iran for sure)

3. Capitol rioter, 66, accused of being a leader for the far-right militia group Oath Keepers is a ‘retired FBI section chief and decorated Navy veteran who has had top secret security clearance since 1979’

A 66-year-old Virginia man accused of being a leader of a paramilitary group that stormed the Capitol last month is a decorated Navy veteran and former FBI section chief who’s had ‘top secret security clearance’ since 1979, his lawyers said Monday. 

Thomas Caldwell, who federal prosecutors said holds a leadership role in the Oath Keepers, worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2009 to 2010 after retiring as a lieutenant commander from the Navy, his lawyer, Thomas Plofchan, wrote in a motion filed Monday. 

The motion urged the judge to release Caldwell from jail while he awaits trial on federal charges of conspiracy to obstruct Congress, among other charges.

Caldwell’s lawyer didn’t say in the motion where his client worked as an FBI section chief and didn’t answer questions. The FBI also didn’t comment.

An arrest affidavit filed on the same day as Caldwell’s arrest on Jan. 19 describes the Clarke County, Virginia, resident as being ‘believed to have a leadership role within the Oath Keepers,’ but his lawyers said he’s not involved with the group.

The Oath Keepers is one of the largest antigovernment groups in the U.S., according to experts on extremism. Its members say they are committed to defending the Constitution, but are said to peddle conspiracy theories about the federal government working to ‘destroy liberty.’

The text above is from The Daily Mail. Here is NBC News, And also The Hill coverage of this story.

4. Jim Hoft, the operator of The Gateway Pundit, permanently banned from Twitter. After applying a newspeak filter to the excuse, it is because they supported president Trump.

5. Five people detained after French teen’s anti-Muslim rant sparks death threats

French police Tuesday arrested five people in connection with death threats made against a teenager for her expletive-laden online rants against Islam which sparked a new debate over freedom of speech in the country, prosecutors said. 

The five were being held on suspicion of cyber-harassment and issuing death threats following an investigation by France’s national task force for the fight against online hate speech, they told AFP.

The case of Mila — who received a slew of death threats for calling Islam “a shitty religion” among other things — has revived debates in France about freedom of speech.

The furore kicked off in January 2020 with an Instagram post that prompted Mila’s family to be put under police protection.

An investigation was launched by prosecutors in the city of Vienne in southeastern France in November after Mila posted another tirade, this time on the TikTok platform.

The probe was then handed to the national task force which was better able to coordinate the search for suspects across several French regions, leading to the arrests of the five who are aged between 18 and 29.

Below, a video we translated some time ago of the same teen on TV explaining what her life is like for daring to tell a few obvious truths about Islam out loud. We did this almost exactly a year ago, on February 14, 2020

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., ET., EB., Richard, Johnny U., Coram Deo, Ooh God and many many more that are staying the course for the greater understanding of the community at this site.

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  1. 3 Are we really supposed to believe the drivel that oozes out of leftist mouths? Like the woman who supposedly grabbed the succubus’s notebook? Or the ignored leftists wearing MAGA hats?
    We can no longer really believe anything law enforcement, be it state or federal, says and even less of what it does, IF it is run by the Left and says anything about anyone NOT a leftist.
    There will be the odd case where they actually tell the truth but these won’t be common as they really are after us deplorables.

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