Some superb analysis of Biden’s first days

Often the best analysis starts with asking the right questions. Often its just asking them. In this case its both. And the first question is, who wrote all those executive orders Biden signed? Because we all know who didn’t write them.

Thanks to Oz-Rita for this one.

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  1. Dyed in Red: The sinister background of “Moderate” Kamala Harris, China’s American dream president
    Kamala Harris’ Maoist roots
    The media tells us that Senator Kamala Harris is a “moderate” pragmatic Democrat – though her voting record is to the left of both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But it’s way worse than that. Kamala Harris is a “red diaper baby”, the child of Marxist parents. Her entire life and career has been spent in the orbit of pro-Beijing communists. From Black Panthers and BLMers, to Communist Party supporters to “Maoist” multi-millionaires Kamala Harris owes everything she has to enemies of America.
    #KamalaHarris #RadicalLeft #BLM

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