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One Reply to “Tucker on how Biden will beat Covid by stopping lying about it and more”

  1. “Immigration plan (=) racial equity.”

    Exploring progressive lingo to lasso collectivist linguistic political currency:

    Motherhood = the act of fulfilling one’s responsibility for global depopulation with voluntary (or non-voluntary) non-participation.

    Fatherhood = the (gender unspecified) support role to non-mothers striving to maintain non-motherhood status vis-a-vis proactive non-participation in the motherhood role in order to support global depopulation.

    Child = Non-binary Biological Expression of Global Antipathy

    Economic prosperity = government-enabled fulfillment of non-materialistic ideological wealth transfer to ideological “have-nots” (white mostly male conservatives) from ideological “haves” (the Woke).

    Political Reprogramming = see Economic Prosperity

    Healthy Lifestyle = daily personal participation in communal political post-Trump reconstruction.

    Hate = The Absence of Colour.

    Love = Diversity Shared Affluence

    Colour = The Absence of Hate

    Time = White Male Hate Calibration Construct

    Happiness = Pre-approved Colour Appropriation

    Civil War = Normalization

    Money = A Medium of Equity Fulfillment

    Language = Diversity Expression Mechanism

    Capitalism = Extinct Socio-economic White Male Construct Non-cognizant of its Own Extinction

    So it goes. I know my attempt is feeble, but then I’m not the one with the PhD in Northwest One-Legged Chinese Women’s Studies. Language is what you make it as long as no one is watching too closely. Even then all you need are few angry zealots to declare new approved meanings, and to shout down opposition.

    The rise of serious collectivism in our time, firsthand, as opposed to learning about it through history, sees both fantastically-sophisticated tactics along with the most thuggish lies and bullying. The cruelty these people are capable of should never be underestimated. Always keep up a guard in their midst.

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