Montreal police knock phone out of father’s hand while thugging him for Curfew

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation.

I must thank Oz-Rita for the rapid translation she did on this video, which was very difficult as its in a heavy Quebec dialect as well as very poor audio quality, and Sassy for going over it and filling in the blanks where it needed a Quebec ear.

Below, the segment from Ford where he speaks on Quebec’s measures

Here is the entire presser with Doug Ford as well as the Q&A. It was captured during a live stream so it is unedited.

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4 Replies to “Montreal police knock phone out of father’s hand while thugging him for Curfew”

  1. What’s crazy about the Quebec law is a man can walk his dog past 8h pm curfew but he can’t walk with his young son although both live together. While during the day, father and son can take a walk together even though there are people out in the street.

    Maybe Quebec Premier Legault is convinced the virus replicates more easily at night. We’re at that level of craziness from our leaders.

  2. Back when Quebec Premier Legault started his own political party, then Premier Charest warned citizens they didn’t know Legault, he’s a radical, beware! – is what Charest said.

    It took a while but now his true colors are showing. And it’s quite surprising the high number of citizens who agree with the Martial Law imposed on them. These people are fervent TV viewers, have no sense of critical thinking, and are terrified of the virus.

  3. Checking on the Ottawa valley free kindling weekly, a major Toronto owner is going hard and heavy against MPP Randy Hillier. They trotted out, failed federal NDP candidate, mayor of Perth, John Fenik, then the former owner of the Perth Courier paper to attack Hillier over his refusing to wear the useless face muzzle/diaper, social distance and be a willing home shut-in. Diversity of medical opinion, intolerable in this riding according to these people.
    What is percieved is stay fearful, self-isolate, be huddled in your residence, as the layers of government money pay media sirens to sing dishonest fear tunes. Has proper nutrition, exercise and positive mental attitude been forgotten by these souls? Where are the impassioned column after column in defense of the Charter of Right and Freedoms? Silent as crickets in the cold of winter…
    Matters not that the area hospitals seem to be so quiet that a tik-tok medical staff videos could spontaneously occur.

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