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12 Replies to “Janurary 13th message from President Donald Trump”

  1. Yes, ALL AMERICANS JOIN TOGETHER SO THAT WE CAN DEFEAT THIS TRAVESTY OF A GOVERNMENT COUP. It is US against Them Protect what we have left of the Constitution. Let them have their day, and take care of business when we have regained our second wind. No amount of Violence will get us back OUR freedoms, JUST REMEMBER, There is strength in numbers and we outnumber them. They don’t realize that we will follow Maxine Waters’s plan of shunning the Republicans wherever they find us. Two can play dirty, but we won’t have to burn down buildings and chase away mom and pops, we will shun all the conglomerates and Billionaires till we win. Now it is our turn to shun them wherever we find them and Hound them until they cry uncle tom once more. Gas stations, Markets, Stadiums, and everywhere in between. At least we Americans don’t have to hire Marxist BLM or ANTIFA to do our dirty work, we are quite able to denounce this Overthrow and make them cower in fear like they did. We have run out of cheeks and have learned that FACTS rule and Democrats drool. Gather all your damning evidence against them then we will pull them into Citizen Tribunals to face OUR wrath.

    • “…at least we Americans don’t have to hire Marxist BLM or Antifa to do our dirty work…”.

      What “dirty work” is that, Last Stand? What are you suggesting? How exactly will you do the “shunning” and “hounding” and create “citizen tribunals” while you are the counter-culture and without establishment powers?

      I think new commenters are great and good to see. But “…facts rule and Democrats drool…”? What are you, 10-years old?

      And what kind of “wrath” did you have in mind?

      • Johnniyu
        Stop criticizing others,you may me an old commenter cause I read your genius statements every week
        Do you have a better solution?

        • Hi Jon, I don’t like coming across as criticizing for no good reason, and if this is the case here, please pardon me. I just wanted clarity from The Last Stand. And thanks!

        • Jon,
          Let me explain so you don’t misunderstand.

          We do not incite violence.

          Woke leftist snowflakes equate words with physical violence. We don’t and they aren’t. But we are vulnerable to those who do.

          Vague threats these days, on this site threaten us. ALL of us HERE.

    • Dear President and Mrs. Trump:
      In the opinion of most, our Great President Trump is truly the greatest president this country has ever hard. It is difficult to comprehend how truly selfish
      and evil people like Pelosi are. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that she grew up around criminals. She lacks empathy or even proper qualities needed to be considered a stateswoman. What
      happened in the House was no doubt illegal. It offends the majority of the people of this country.
      All the turmoil in the past 4 years was due to the fear of those criminals in power who fear losing their power and money. They have been influenced by the evil groups that wish to see Communism rule our country as long as they
      remain in charge. It will change.
      We, the American citizens, admire and care greatly about both of you and we know this will be corrected.
      God is with you.
      Best wishes
      Amy Gibbons

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