Data point for judging the degree of totalitarianism in Germany today

One of the friends of this website had an unusual experience. they went to watch a video in Germany from Bitchute and received this message when NOT using a VPN to browse the web:

But WITH a VPN set to outside Germany, she was able to watch this video with no problems.

Another friend of this site was banned from Facebook for 30 days JUST FOR POSTING THAT they are going to Washington DC for the 6th.

Thats right. You get banned from Facebook, even as an American with allegedly 1st amendment rights, for supporting the current president of the United States and opposing an election steal, which increasingly it appears that Facebook and its principles were a major part in engineering.

The elites in Germany of course, are totally immune to all Marshall law and informational limits imposed on we peasants.

Thanks to all the unnamed who contribute to this post in order to protect those in neo-communist states.

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6 Replies to “Data point for judging the degree of totalitarianism in Germany today”

  1. When was it? Yesterday or the day before, Donald Trump had a short tweet, all in cap letters: WE WILL WIN.

    A very unusual Trump tweet, it is. It struck me that he knew something that few know.

    Some people are very sensitive to vibes, even when in the written word. I felt two emotions from that tweet: Certainty and Calmness.

    I noticed Biden seems weaker when in public, both in stature and in voice. He also just had the wooden inaugural stairway removed for motive of China Flu, another Biden lie.

    FINALLY, if capitulation is true, this would explain Kamala Harris not abandoning her California Senate post. People were saying her vote is needed for Jan 6, but normally she should have resigned her post and another California Democrat would have been elected in her district and replaced her in the Senate.

    It would also explain Trump’s phone call yesterday aka rooting out the traitors among his midst such as Raffensberger.

    Conclusion: If true, and we all hope so, Trump’s job for now consists of exposing the enormous fraud involved in the Coup d’état.

  2. TruNews and Rick Wiles is a notorious jooo-hater. He incites to violence and has done damage to PTrump.

    For example:
    YouTube Bans Anti-Semitic Channel TruNews After Founder Calls Trump Impeachment ‘Jew Coup’

    Vile stuff you’ll find on Gab that’s already cost Jewish blood. Germany has a horseshoe of jooo-hate, extreme left and right. It doesn’t need an assist from the American sewer.

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