The Martial Law we endure, becoming easier to question: Links 1, January 5, 2021

1. Excellent tweet by Ezra Levant

2. This nurse had a very serious reaction to the Pfizer vaccine and was not allergic to any of the components. 

(Most of what is important is well below this part. Click through to read it all)

When Deborah Tilli got the call last week telling her she’d be one of the first long-term-care workers in Hamilton vaccinated for COVID-19, she felt a mix of emotions.

A part of her was nervous, a part excited.

But what happened in the minutes after Tilli rolled up her sleeve for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Christmas Eve has her cautioning those with allergies ahead of getting the jab.

“I thought I was doing the right thing,” said Tilli, who is a personal support worker at Dundurn Place Care Centre, which is currently in outbreak with two cases in staff. “Especially for my residents at work.”

Tilli, 27, is one of the rare people to have had a severe reaction to the vaccine — and a week later she’s still not fully recovered.

Dr. Zainab Abdurrahman, a clinical immunologist and allergist, said severe reactions are “rare,” but they do happen.

“Some can be allergic, some may not be allergic, but can still be a severe reaction,” said Abdurrahman.

3. Project Veritas video release: GEORGIA RUNOFF: Warnock’s Campaign Staffers Admit His Bias Against Police And White Conservatives

4. Horrifying video of ‘elite’ terrorists training to kill Westerners with the same jihadist group responsible for the Bali Bombings is uncovered by police

Indonesian police have unearthed dramatic videos of a terrorist training camp where members of an elite group learned how to kill.

The training videos were discovered on the laptop of a recently arrested terror suspect.

Scores of members of the resurgent Jemaah Islamiyah have recently been arrested, giving authorities new insights into the terrorist group which trained members who were then shipped off to fight in Syria.

A compilation video of the training, which was conducted in the period 2013-2018 and involved what has been described as a JI special force, has been released by Indonesian police.

5. This is what happens to people that actually do journalism instead of propaganda for the powerful

Thank you, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Kim, Richard, FAM., Sassy and MANY more who have started off the new year with courage and enthusiasm for facing unpleasant potentialities. 

Dr. Andrew Bostom thread

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  1. Mr. Ezra Levant is absolutely correct! We are under martial law! What I am waiting for now are the Red Chinese troops on our streets……paired with our own police and military….and the door to door roundups! This is war!

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