Canadian police violently raid family gathering of six on New Years Eve after neighbour reports coronavirus violation

Please see RAIR Foundation for the details, and Ezra Levant’s twitter feed for some proper outrage on this issue.

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5 Replies to “Canadian police violently raid family gathering of six on New Years Eve after neighbour reports coronavirus violation”

  1. Gestapo noun

    The German State Secret police during the Nazis Regime organized in 1933 and notorious for its brutal methods and operations.

    They would drag people from their homes!

    Stay home.
    Stay safe and
    Shut up and wait for government instructions.


    Don’t trust the government. PCR tests should NEVER be used to diagnose a disease in any human said Karry Mullis, the genius who invented it.
    Don’t listen to the liars in the media
    And for freedoms sake stand up and be counted NOW.

  2. There is a baby in the house.

    I listened to a guy in Quebec – ex-cop or a cop that disagrees with the procedures and is anti-lockdown – explain how the officers followed through their training. The video is 20 minutes, in French.

    When one of the officers passes Step 1, then Step 2, the officer cannot go back in the training procedure wheel and the other officers instinctively follow.

    He also said that the only way out for the officers now is to add as many charges as possible to look good in Court. Thus, pushing away the arm of an officer can be interpreted as assaulting an officer.

    He says to never open the door to a police officer unless you can see a warrant. He says that once your door is open, the officer must remain outside of the threshold.

    What happened in the video that isn’t seen is when the cops rang the doorbell, the barefoot girl we see outside was the one who opened the door. How she ended up outside in the front yard with cops next to her is unknown. But I doubt she walked out on her own.

    In the video, the cop tries to close the door from the outside but the family wants it open. The reason the cop wants the door closed is to prevent anyone from seeing and filming what is happening outside.

    The original video has reached the 3.1+ million views and copies of it are being posted. Judicial Watch also posted it. I would love if Tucker Carlson got hold of it.

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