Agenda 2021: A United Nations Conspiracy

For those who don’t think the UN would do these things, just examine UN Resolution 16/18 to ban free speech globally and criminalize criticism of Islam, or the UN Migration compact which seeks to dissolve all world borders and criminalize all negative reporting on that agenda among other things.

This site has written and reported extensively on both over time. And as the day goes by, I will try and find videos supporting these claims from indisputable sources. Like the Secretary General of the UN for instance, or MEPs and add it to this post.

Secretary General of the United Nations and lifelong communist, speaks to ambition to obliterate freedom of speech world wide

One honest reporter discusses the meaning and implication of the UN Global Migration Compact at the time it was passed.

Politicians discuss the UN migration compact and how it seeks to criminalize reportage that casts it in a bad light

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  1. “Resolution 16/18 commits States to addressing religious intolerance through promoting the interrelated and mutually reinforcing rights to freedom of expression, freedom of religion or belief, and non-discrimination.

    To do this, it sets out an action plan for States to:

    (a) Create collaborative networks to build mutual understanding, promoting dialogue and inspiring constructive action in various fields;
    (b) Create a mechanism within Governments to identify and address potential areas of tension between members of different religious communities, and assisting with conflict prevention and mediation;
    (c) Train Government officials in effective outreach strategies;
    (d) Encourage efforts of leaders to discuss within their communities the causes of discrimination, and evolve strategies to counter them;
    (e) Speak out against intolerance, including advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence;
    (f) Adopt measures to criminalise incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief;
    (g) Combat denigration and negative religious stereotyping of persons, as well as incitement to religious hatred, including through education and awareness-building;
    (h) Recognise that the open, constructive and respectful debate of ideas plays a positive role in combating religious hatred, incitement and violence.”,by%20consensus%20in%20March%202011.16%2F18,by%20consensus%20in%20March%202011

    Instead of spending no time in promoting the commonality of humanity through a Universal Bill of Rights that is easy to understand and criminalizes no one; the Communists spend eternity promting Diversity and Preferences that needs Human Rights lawyers to understand and criminalizes everyone.

  2. Our society is having a stroke. Shopping today I witnessed the partial paralysis of pending Boxing Day major lockdown, combined with the creeping paranoia of tattling protocol violators. I was denied entry into a store for refusing to use sanitizer.

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