Feeding the poor in Alberta results in fines

If Liquor stores, strip joints, marijuana and hash stores can all be considered essential services and stay open, how is feeding the street people not essential during a pandemic when all normal avenues of sustenance are closed?

And of course, this:


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5 Replies to “Feeding the poor in Alberta results in fines”

  1. That, I believe, is why the Marxists deliberately pushed the hiring of women into law enforcement, thinking that real men will not assault ‘women’ who show up at their door, wearing black uniforms and pistols and enforcing Hitlerian laws……
    I’ve met more than my share of man hating lesbians in uniform…..give them a gun and a badge…and watch them work!
    Thank you, Pastor, for standing up to these Quislings!

    • Man hating lesbians… YES. Same here. I noticed it. They are particularly harsh toward female citizens. Power trip! They also are great liars in Court.

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