Dutch report: Closing bars does nothing-Report kept secret. Links 2 for December 12, 2020

1. Computer program flipped vote to show Biden winning by over 2000 votes, when in reality, Trump won by over 4000 votes

An attorney in a Michigan election case on Friday said that an infamous vote flip happened because of a computer program, not human error.

“Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said it happened by human error. We discovered that’s not true, that’s a lie. It didn’t happen by human error. It happened by a computer program called Dominion Voting System[s],” Matthew DePerno said on Newsmax.

DePerno is representing plaintiff William Bailey in a lawsuit against Antrim County. Bailey noted that the county initially reported Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden winning the county by more than 2,000 votes over President Donald Trump, but later changed the results to show Trump received nearly 4,000 more votes than Biden.

Officials claimed what happened was due to a human error, after initially suggesting it was in part because of a software issue.

2. Youtube in its rapidly increasing totalitarian and partizan role online, has removed a Scott Adams video where he questioned the election results and Covid 19 policies.

I believe this is the link to the podcast here.

(Speaking as someone who had several channels removed for the crime of making foreign news which violates the leftist narrative available to the Anglosphere, all I can say is, why is anyone surprised?)

3. General Flynn speaks at Jericho march (26 minutes)

4. Dutch Covid-19 report: Closing bars had no effect

An internal report of the Dutch health ministry, leaked on Tuesday, says that the closing of bars and restaurants did not have an effect on the Covid-19 reproduction number, De Standaard writes. According to the report, people were mainly infected at home via unsafe contact. Earlier this week, representatives of bars, restaurants and hotels demonstrated in The Hague, asking for more support.

5. Analysis on why the SCOTUS denied hearing the election suits

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4 Replies to “Dutch report: Closing bars does nothing-Report kept secret. Links 2 for December 12, 2020”

  1. OT/ #BREAKING Israel establishes ties with Bhutan. Signing to take place tonight !!

    Israel normalizes ties with Bhutan

    Israel established full diplomatic relations with Bhutan for the first time on Saturday night.

    Ambassador to India Ron Malka and his Bhutanese counterpart Vetsop Namgyel signed the final agreement normalizing ties on Saturday night.
    The countries’ foreign ministries held secret talks over the past year towards the goal of forging official ties, which included delegations between the two capitals Jerusalem and Thimphu.

    The effort to make relations between the two countries was not connected to the Abraham Accords, in which four Arab countries – United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco – normalized ties with Israel in as many months, with American mediation.

    In fact, Bhutan does not even have official diplomatic relations with the US.

    Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, bordering on India and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It has gone to great lengths to keep itself isolated from the rest of the world in order to avoid outside influences and to preserve its culture and natural resources. The country limits tourism, especially from outside South Asia.

    The landlocked country has formal diplomatic relations with only 53 other countries – a list that does not include the US, UK, France or Russia – and has embassies in only seven of them.

    Neither does the country have ties with China, having closed its border to the country on its north after China’s 1959 invasion of Tibet.…

    Their king’s official title is “Dragon King”.

    Unlike the Abraham Accords, which were achieved via PTrump, this deal is thanks to Narendra Modi. Both Israel and India will be out in the cold in a Demonrat administration. India is shoring up relationships elsewhere: this is a Hannuka gift to BFF, Israel.

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