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2 Replies to “Head of German gov’t health agency admits in advance: people will die from the vaccination”

  1. When it comes to deaths trom Covid
    (with a pre-existing disease):
    Their number are added for profit
    And lost for a vaccine’s reprieve.

  2. Info on each of the leading vaccine candidates is via PRESS release, NOT data subject to peer-review. MASSIVE gaps, more questions than answers. Dubious controls, small sample sizes, vague parameters.

    With each enthusiastic sound-bite, the company’s stock soars, insiders take profits by selling, the whole Dow ratchets up a notch.

    Then, there’s a stumble – a serious side effect, supply chain issues, etc.

    Till the next day, another company’s bouyant report. Another set of inside trades for another virtual windfall in profit-taking.
    Anyway, this ZDoggMD episode is informative:
    Transcript: https://zdoggmd.com/paul-offit-3/

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