Covid related items that defy the narrative

1. German conference on vaccines and the actual danger of the SARS Corona 19 virus

2. If your rights can be “suspended” did you ever have them? Or where they privileges at the whim of the state?

3. Clip from “Morning Meeting” with Dylan Ratigan on August 25, 2009 with Jonathan Capeheart, Karen Finney and Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

4. Here is some classic CNN propaganda. Remember, if a person dies in a nursing home and a PCR test shows they had some fragment or trace amount of a Covid virus, they died of covid. BUT, if they get a vaccine and die the next day its cause they are old and people die in nursing homes so no relationship there.

So if the elderly die up to 28 days after a postive test, it’s covid, if they die 1 day after the vaccine, it’s not the vaccine…it’s old age, according to Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition

5. I have no idea what is medically correct in terms of vaccines and Covid. So Ill stick with what I do know.

Science is never settled. And silencing people who go against the “consensus” is itself, anti-science, because open inquiry is mandatory for science to happen at all. So I present this video because there is a concerted effort afoot to prevent us from hearing this, and yet none to stop us from hearing about voodoo, homeopathy, chiropractic practice, and all kinds of other non-scientific and non medical procedures including prayer and magic to cure disease. We also know governments lie through their media channels about this disease, hospitals, and Hydroxychloroquine. So best to learn how to reason and evaluate evidence and watch everything and decide for yourselves.

I have to add though. its hard not to be pretty nonplussed about the promises of this vaccine, which seem to be that it won’t stop you from getting or spreading it, and the Daily Mail reported last month that having this vaccine would only allow you to work 3 days a week. Thank goodness for so many illegal immigrants coming into the UK then so they can pick up the slack. Which somehow will be safer than having the people who had the jobs, working them full time.

Thank you Nash Montana, MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., Coram Deo, and all the good folks who are regulars at VladTepesBlog who have kept their eye on the ball.

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  1. It appears the last video is not working “ refused to connect.”
    We are not allowed to see anything that makes sense or is logical?

  2. Vaccines’ Side Effects Risk Sidelining Health Workers While Cases Surge
    Angelica LaVito and Riley Griffin – 4 days ago


    Covid-19 vaccine side-effects that range from fevers and chills to headaches and joint pain could keep some doctors and nurses from working amid a nationwide surge in hospitalizations.

    Health systems are gearing up to vaccinate key hospital staff with the Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. coronavirus shots, which could start shipping in the U.S. in a matter of weeks, pending emergency-use authorizations.

    Earlier this week, federal advisers recommended U.S. health-care workers be immunized first, along with residents of long-term care facilities. For hospitals, that could pose significant scheduling issues at a time when many are filling up. More than 100,000 Americans were hospitalized with the virus on Wednesday, according to data from the Covid Tracking Project.

  3. Did leafs not realize that any or all of your ‘human and civil’ rights can be suspended on a whim and on the spot by any stasiman, informer, civil servant, appointee or dog catcher?
    We fought tooth and nail with the trudeau I regime over repatriating that slave deed; the charter of blehblehblehbooga, and maybe becoming a republic along the way.
    Not. A. Chance. In hell, or in canada.
    (1)This is a constitutional monarchy; the state is Absolute Suzerain for the Crown.
    (2)Each and every charter assurance is bracketed by the admirably clear Statement:
    Not Withstanding Conflict With Significant Interests.
    See (1) for further instructions, if any are needed.
    Caveat Emptor, folks. Can’t say y’all wasn’t warned.

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