Article on Viktor Orban, and George Soros’s never ending attempt to destroy Hungary

(This article is actually an attack on Orban and the author of an excellent article about Soros, but includes the article its attacking, which is very good!)


Szilárd Demeter: Soros

I see quite a few artists and intellectuals getting nearer to the end of their lives and looking back on their oeuvre, perceiving that they have been weighed and found wanting. Just moments after their deaths they would be forgotten — even by their biographers. Somehow, I can understand the frustration of these people. They have made bad choices, and now they are facing the consequences. Everybody lives their own life, but what is more important, as philosophers have said, everybody will die their own death.

Presumably, George Soros is struggling with the same feelings. Roughly at the end of his life, he was hit by the truth of the commonplace wisdom, that money does not bring happiness. One cannot take his money with him to the opposite side of the river. The financial security of his family was established long ago, for several generations to come, so only one question remains for him: what will happen to George Soros once he ceases to exist? He is not talented as a writer; his philosophy is confused and inconsistent. He is, however, smart enough to realize he is not a genius. This might be his greatest sorrow.

Standing in the doorway of death, George Soros is carving his own statue. He thinks of himself as a man with a mission. His mission: George Soros, the New Messiah. This mission, however, lacks a transcendent dimension. The god of George Soros is George Soros, embodied and descended to our world in the image of George Soros.

He is moving his chess pieces on a global chessboard. Given that the key to his financial success is playing unfair, it’s no wonder that he also keeps changing the rules in his assumed “world-saving” chess game to his own taste. He is the playmaker, the referee, the striker, and the scorekeeper in one person.

We have seen enough of this type in the history of mankind. Those with enough money and power made themselves dictators; those lacking thereof, servants to the dictators. And all of them, without exception, wanted to reach the throne of eternity by climbing a mountain of the corpses of the victims of their own tyranny.

In today’s world, the path to the throne of Soros leads across our very bodies. Europe has become the gas chamber of George Soros. Toxic gas is flowing out of the capsule of a “multicultural open society,” lethal to the European way of life, and we, the peoples of Europe, are doomed to fight for the last gasps of breathable air by treading on and climbing over one another’s bodies.

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2 Replies to “Article on Viktor Orban, and George Soros’s never ending attempt to destroy Hungary”

  1. I began to write my rebuttal to this and found myself sucking too much hot air.

    This Demeter article is well written. I think it describes Soros vividly and truly as the ruthless sociopathic fascist he is. Demeter uses the term “new Jews” as an empathetic metaphor to historical Jewish struggles in the current Polish/Hungarian EU loggerhead. Nothing more. To say this metaphor relativizes the Holocaust is yet another attempt by modern real fascists to project the inverted truth. It is the Left that is proven anti-Semitic. The breathless comments below the article are the usual dreary commie slop. They won’t tell you what Orban has done for Hungarian Jews. They certainly won’t rest while a successful Hungary and Poland try to resurrect themselves from the pit of Soviet tyranny while having to now fight the new European Sovietism!

    And I’ve seen the forum where this article was published, before. They kicked me out for telling them they were socialist hypocrites.

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