Dr. Roger Hodkinson, 29 Nov 2020 on Covid measures “Its no different than last year’s flu”

Dr Roger Hodkinson, 29th November 2020 from Anna Brees on Vimeo.

Dr Hodkinson is a board certified pathologist in the USA and Canada. He studied at Cambridge University in the UK before emigrating to Canada in 1970. He has held a number of leadership positions in his profession both in his own province of Alberta and nationally. His career has spanned general practice, community hospitals, academia, CEO of a large retail clinical laboratory and various other entrepreneurial activities in private medicine.

Dr Hodkinson has a particular interest in molecular diagnostics – the science of identifying DNA for various cutting edge applications in real world medicine.

He has spent 20+ years in the trenches of public health as an activist tackling head-on the biggest public health crisis of our time before the Covid epidemic, namely the predatory marketing of tobacco and governments reluctance to control it, and for which he was made Citizen of the Year in 1994.

Dr Hodkinson is a passionate admirer of Churchill, and was for a time President of the world’s oldest Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Society.

He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is happily married to Nicole. They have two children.

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3 Replies to “Dr. Roger Hodkinson, 29 Nov 2020 on Covid measures “Its no different than last year’s flu””

  1. He is missng something when he chalks the illness up to being like a flu where you stay home with chicken siup and fever reducers. An unknown factor or factors–there is some research I saw last month about an individual’s interleukin pro- and anti-inflammaory markers as being significant–pushes the ordinary flu into a life threatening illness with blood clots that interfere with lung functioning. In addition, the virus disrupts the normal feedback that individuals have when breathless. So you can have an otherwise healthy 35-year old man walk into the ER with 72%O2 who is on the verge of organ failure. These are two illnesses, one benign, one horrendous. The media plays the awful one out, but ignores the mundane one. The Doctor needs to address both. In any event, chicken pox and polio get different outcomes, too, so this is not unique to COVID. We take for granted that we rarely see the severe forms, thanks to vaccines.

    • You’re arguing against “all or nothing”. Trivial or deadly. I am too, but we can’t be heard in the politicized cacophony. Caca stacked statistics, caca experts.

      This isn’t a professional medical forum. The real world – where our family-&-friends are making medical decisions all the time – that’s different. Outside that narrow context, no one’s listening to medical anything anymore.

      But VTB happens to be dead center on what counts: What’s defined this particular virus is politics, not science or medicine.

      Political weaponization has been far more devastating than the unnatural offspring of a horseshoe bat and a pangolin. The PRC’s BSL-4 was necessary but not sufficient. Not by a long shot.

      And that’s what’s interesting.

      Pronoun usage, sexual preferences, race, victim-parsing hierarchies are all political power plays. Wuhan coronavirus is another: It just happens to be the mother of all monster levers.

      The issue (CoV-19) is no longer the issue.
      We are reminded once again that for our enemy, the issue is never the issue.

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