A few victories for the Trump team, and BBQs attract more police than patrons, but for bad reasons: Links 3, November 25, 2020

1. Donald Trump video from June 2017. I hope he remembers this and acts on it.

2. Emergency petition over 150,000 possibly fraudulent ballots in Georgia (One hour video)

3. How many police does it take to shut down a BBQ?

4. France must have found other ways to cheat.

5. Trump challenges in Nevada to proceed

Thank you all who sent in materials. You know who you are, and more to come soon!

We are limiting to 5 items per post now, because of the disappearing tweet and video issue. This seems like a better number anyway.

One of our most trusted friends who has a lot of expertise in security has offered this tit bit.

The Russians, he explained, are drowning real election fraud information in phoney election fraud information to confuse the landscape even more.

In our opinion, this explains a lot. Much of the election fraud stuff we see makes little or no sense, and some of it is self contradictory. Let’s hope it doesn’t work and the machinery of state is able to filter the good from the bad and get the process done. From today’s news, it already looks like this may be happening.


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One Reply to “A few victories for the Trump team, and BBQs attract more police than patrons, but for bad reasons: Links 3, November 25, 2020”

  1. The outcome of the 1865 Civil War was an end to government-sanctioned slavery. Will we let unrelenting servitude to de facto members of the Chinese Communist Party be our future or will we join with our ancestors who came here, together defending everyone’s right to walk upright, without the yoke of a hand in our pocket and another trying to cover our eyes and ears?

    A foreign entity has had a hand in creating two golems, and we are left to ascertain which wants to benefit us and which wants to benefit his family. All along, I keep thinking, “Free Joe Biden” because I don’t want anyone to end up like him, the foot of the CCP on his neck, injecting enough virus into the air that he no longer has the heart to speak coherently.

    That Gettysburg image of vanquishing slavery at any price echos throughout the hearing. To quote Mr. Biden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7Q1I6PIIuY

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