LIVE State Senate hearings on electoral fraud in Pennsylvania

I got a call while out walking about this. Apparently MAJOR witnesses, including military, speak to how this vote was massively cheated both from technical methods to thuggery and intimidation of those who were to watch the count. So dial this back to the start as its live as of posting.

Readers of this site who do take the trouble to watch this, please post times of best parts and perhaps we can edit together a short and intense video on the cheating Im sure we all want to show our circles.

-update 1: 700,000 vote discrepancy between votes absentee and mail in ballot off from what they received.

-update 2: Everything they do makes it look like they are trying to hide something

-Update 3: Yes, we can do a forensic audit of the machines/ the machines WHERE connected to the internet during the election to a server in Frankfurt Germany (Giuliani)

-Update 4: Inspectors kept from examining ballot counting, overseas and military ballots observed to be for Biden in large numbers in a row, but not properly observed by inspectors.

-Update 5:

-Update 6: President Trump calls in


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4 Replies to “LIVE State Senate hearings on electoral fraud in Pennsylvania”

  1. I watched the entire procedure.

    1:43:45 – The Senior Lady. She is only one person but her testimony profoundly moved me.

    At that age, one cannot be coerced into lying without it showing. They cannot remember a script. They tell as they saw and as they lived it, emotions included. Her eyes were not wandering. It was straight-telling. Outrage in her voice.

    All candidate names showed up on the voting machine exit ballot, except Trump.

    This is definitely not a one-time occurrence and, in my opinion, not limited to that sole voting precinct.

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