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4 Replies to “Small taste of the future: in Australia, No vaccine, no freedoms starting with flying”

  1. Stop participating in “Their” system(s), starve them out. We hold the POWER.
    (plus Quantas/Alan Joyce now has a Legal liability for discrimination)

  2. COVID has a great press agent!
    https://www.aviationpros.com/home/news/10400583/two-air-passengers-spread-the-mumps and https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5514a6.htm
    are just two articles that show why airlines should be asking for proof of vaccine or immune titers for the mumps! This seems to be more spreadable than COVID.
    As a passenger, we should know more about the health history of the folks flying our plane. Who’s telling?
    No wonder that some are now chartering their own flights: https://nypost.com/2020/11/16/costco-offering-private-jet-membership-through-wheels-up/ $14,000.00

  3. Joyce is an utterly repugnant individual. He started out with the halal racket, meaning he partnered with the Arabs to make all food on flights halal. Next, he openly promoted homosexuality, homo “marriage” etc, stopping short of making homosexuality a requirement to fly. Now he continues his terror with vaccines.

    Joyce is a creep.

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