Total moral and legal inversion continues: Links 2, November 24, 2020

1. Gavin Newsom Exempts Entertainment Industry from California’s Stay-at-Home Order

(Now that they have eliminated religion, they know that entertainment is the opiate of the people. It make sense that leftist leaders want the public properly anaesthetized as we move into totalitarian control, with stupid movies and TV shows, all of which now are selling a narrative of cultural Marxism. Notice how much of our cultural heritage has been hijacked with Woke messaging? They don’t make new good entertainment with blacks, homosexuals etc. They remake stuff we like and change it to be a lecture on how evil the past is. Recently I was told that they made a series out of the warm and innocent comedy movie, “Mystery Men” and turned it into a series that is all messaging for Woke. Much like they did for Ghostbusters. Notice how its more about destroying the past than creating a present. And so clearly, that has to continue)

As millions of Californians endure another coronavirus stay-at-home order, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has reportedly decided to exempt the state’s signature industry from his lockdown mandate, allowing film and TV shoots to continue. The decision not only affects celebrities but also the thousands of blue-collar crew members who light the sets, transport the scenery, and keep everyone fed.

Deadline reported that the governor’s latest order doesn’t apply to the entertainment production industry, which is on the list of essential work and is thus exempt from the rule.

Gov. Newsom’s order requires the vast majority of the state to stop all non-essential work, travel, and gatherings between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. every day through December 21. The order affects Californians in “purple-tier” counties, where coronavirus cases are rising the fastest.

Movie and TV shoots remain big business in California, employing thousands of people each year, the vast majority of whom are so-called “below-the-line” — crew members who toil long hours behind the scenes. They include camera operators, sound engineers, electricians, carpenters, truck drivers, makeup artists, and caterers.

Many shoots take place at night and require crews to work before and after the actors have shot their scenes.

2. Concern After European ‘Anti-Hate’ Group Boss Discussed ‘Necessity’ of Killing White People

Mamadou Ba, head of the Portuguese “anti-hate” group SOS Racismo, spoke of the need to “kill the white man” at a recent online conference on “hate speech”.

Ba, a Portuguese citizen originally from Senegal, attended the conference on Saturday which was on the topic of “Racism and the Advancement of Hate Speech in the World”.

During the conference, which was attended by Portuguese speakers from Portugal and Brazil, Ba stated “it is necessary to kill the white man, murderer, colonial, and racist” to “prevent the social death of the black political subject”.

According to a report from Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manhã, the statement was a quote from Algerian far-left anti-colonialist political philosopher Frantz Fanon, who openly advocated for violence during the French rule of Algeria in his seminal work The Wretched of the Earth.

3. Two videos showing Chicago city council how to alter votes with machines from 2017

4. GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s a globalist who supports ‘The Great Reset’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clearly believes in the philosophy of “The Great Reset” espoused by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Criticizing Trudeau for that doesn’t make anyone part of a right-wing conspiracy.

I’ve been to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in January as a reporter, where the world’s business and political elites gather in the luxurious ski resort of Davos, nestled in the Swiss Alps.

Founded in 1970 by globalist Klaus Schwab, a German/Swiss academic who’s still going strong, there’s nothing secretive about its agenda.

It believes in global governance and in global wealth redistribution, arguing capitalism is inequitable — ironic given that collectively its attendees are responsible for that system.

Trudeau has been a keynote speaker at the WEF twice since becoming PM. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, and former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, are listed as members of its board of trustees. One of its earliest supporters was the late Canadian globalist Maurice Strong.

(The article continues but with powerful omissions. Many people still do not know the critical difference between equality and equity. Equality means in opportunity. At the start of a horse race for example. Equity means equality of result based on how the user of the term decides to do their taxonomy. In other words, that all horses end the race at the same time, or more accurately, the horses that fit certain categories are made to win while horses of another colour are made to lose and this result is called “equity”)

5. Germany: Leftist coalition in Bremen awards €60,000 to memorialize drug dealer from Sierra Leone

A coalition of leftist lawmakers and politicians in Bremen, Germany have allocated €60,000 from the budget of the financially-distressed city to erect a monument to a drug dealer from Sierra Leone.  

Local politicians from the Left Party, the Socialist Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), and the Greens are planning to construct a monument of Laye-Alama Condé, a 34-year-old failed asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, who tragically died after swallowing several hazelnut-sized packets of cocaine.

“To honor such a person even indirectly with a memorial would damage the general public’s sense of justice and thus further erode the citizens’ trust in politics and the rule of law,” Jan Timke, a local right-wing populist politician and one of the few critics opposing the monument, told German news portal Junge Freiheit.

“We cannot afford that at all, especially in the historical crisis situation in which Germany is currently mired,” he emphasized.

Condé had been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking on Dec. 27, 2004, before the fatal incident. After realizing that Condé had swallowed the drug packages, medical staff at police headquarters tried to administer emetics through a gastric tube, but ultimately had no success since the failed asylum seeker opposed the medical intervention. Next, Condé fainted and was taken to a health clinic where he died days later. Apparently, water had gotten into Condé’s lungs and caused a lack of oxygen to reach his brain.

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  1. 2 – I would pay close attention to this, the radical left will support a White Genocide thinking they will be exempt, they won’t.

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