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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the curious labeling of Islamic terror as “Right Wing” and “White””

  1. I liked the way he said “When Trump is reelected”, he has confidence that enough of the crooked votes will be thrown out for Trump to win.

    • Same here. Of course, the wonderful Donald J. Trump will be reelected. One hell of an intelligent individual surrounded with likewise people.

      Re the ‘White’ Extremist or Radical designation: Throughout my life, I’ve had Algerian and Moroccan friends. Almost all have White skin, a few are whiter than me. The most Islamist of them is whiter than me as well as another who is a Lebanese Hizballah supporter.

      Those who aren’t ‘White’ have diluted African DNA.

      I remember Ralph Goodale emphasizing that White Radicals/Supremacists are our greatest danger. That designation is another ruse.

  2. VLAD, I wonder if Brad Johnson knows the following:

    Me, having been immersed in their close inner circle for a long time, how is it possible that when a new Muslim family moves into a neighborhood, the mosque knows about it?

    And that, even though the new Muslim family has moved into an Infidel area.

    The answer: Cable provider staff. The one thing you need is an Internet cable connection. All mosques have followers working in all areas for cable providers.

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