New Brunswick bartender beaten savagely by “child muslim Syrian refugee” Links post 1, November 15, 2020

1. We have been waiting a very long time for this verdict. now lets see what sentence he gets for this grotesque and horrifying murder and robbery of a senior citizen.

2. These are some high intensity protests in the UK against BS Covid measures. You can see the general public has about had it with the police.

3. What is “The Great Reset”?

4. Public pressure forced media company to remove signs of resistance to the masking of the population program underway everywhere, nearly a year after the 2 weeks to flatten the curve was over.


Yes, only one side of any debate must be allowed now according to ABC8. And any company that allows the other side of an issue to be spoken out-loud is to be boycotted to destruction. Which brings me to this comment of Hellequin GB., quoting another comment under the Paul Weston video:

“Old enough to have seen real communism in E. Germany.
Tables groaning with food for the elite while the rest fought for rotten potatoes in the marketplace.
Old enough to have supported Poland’s fight against communism.
Old enough to have had a friend who lived through communism in Romania where she was told what job she could do, how many calories she was allowed to consume, when she could use the transport where she could go & when & who she could see.
People too frightened to speak incase it was reported in.
All history eradicated.
For the brainwashed, go visit the beautiful city of Budapest.
You’ll find a museum dedicated to all those who were tortured imprisoned & perished under communism.
The people facilitating & ushering this in are deranged.”

5. Dozens of foreign-born terrorists avoided deportation on release from prison, study finds

(This is behind a Telegraph paywall)

6. German state becomes increasingly hostile to actual Germans. Like any good communist state would.

7. One begins to think that when Trump doesn’t make a decision we would all expect from him, its because the anti-state is lying to him

8. The rewriting of History and Holocaust denial by the left accelerates

Here is the clip referred to:

9. Red Pill Germany on the mass gaslighting of the public on the US election

10.  Muslim child refugee actually an adult that beat a bartender in New Brunswick to within an inch of his life:

Moncton bartender remains in hospital after severe beating

Chris Lewis was biking home early Sunday morning when he thought he spotted a pile of old clothes along the sidewalk on Foundry Street in downtown Moncton. 

As he came closer, he realized it was a person. The man was convulsing, his eyes were swollen, and hair matted with blood.

“He was so badly beaten that I honestly thought he was a man in his 50s or 60s,” Lewis told Radio-Canada. 

“The next day I found out the guy on the sidewalk was actually somebody I’d known for 25 years,” Lewis said. 

That man was Jacques Vautour, so badly beaten Lewis didn’t recognize the 42-year-old. 

CBC manages to avoid naming the guy cause its an Islamic name, and manages to avoid any mention of the fact that its a “Syrian” refugee who faked his age to claim being a child but even according to the fake ID is an adult now.

So who is the guy that beat the bartender for trivial reasons?

What else can we learn about Abu?

Abu Zaid was one of those Syrians that came in to Canada claiming to be 14 years old, but of course was an adult, thats why he was using fake ID

Clearly the Canadian government feels that law abiding and Western minded Canadians are to be cannon fodder for the new, post national citizens they are creating with the help of military propaganda efforts of course.


If you would like to help Jacque Vautour, the victim of Abu Zaid, you can do here, he won’t be able to work for sometime, if ever again. I don’t know him personally, by name, except to know he was the guy you wanted on the door while you and yours were enjoying a quiet drink inside a bar.

Thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan, PC, Hellequin GB., Johnny U., Malca, ET., EB., Xanthippa, MissPiggy, Gates of Vienna, Pym Purnell, KF., Richard, Mad W. and everyone who sent in materials this weekend.

At this point it. really looks like they don’t care what we know, or what is true. They simply care about what works. A purely practical communist totalitarian revolution. Still, we must focus on what is true and find ways of preserving truth and the method for establishing it if we hope for a future civilization based on reason, and the reduction of suffering.

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8 Replies to “New Brunswick bartender beaten savagely by “child muslim Syrian refugee” Links post 1, November 15, 2020”

  1. They’re mostly lying about their age, but the whole tender youth assumption is dangerously misguided.

    A “child”, a “teenager”: That usage is meant to soften, even endear. (Like Sadaam Hussein, shown playing with puppies.)
    The 19-year-old Boston Marathon bomber was always a “teenager”, fluffed and buffed by Rolling Stone.

    Read about the feral youth of Mao’s Red Guards:
    [WARNING – graphic description of extreme violence]

    Student Attacks Against Teachers/ The Revolution of 1966

  2. What is the matter with Canada?
    There’s something seriously wrong with the thinking processes of a large number of them.
    Why is Mr Trudeau still Prime Minister?
    Why are there apparently so many commies in positions of authority?
    What will it take for the white English speaking indigenous Christian population to start fighting back?

  3. 10: This happens all the time here in (western) Europe. These people have very short fuses (made worse by the steroids and speed), and are extremely vindictive. They go ballistic over nothing and wait for hours in the cold just to ambush security people. Or they start a vendetta against a club (honor culture!), even shoot random patrons. Mr Vautour is lucky he wasn’t glassed, stabbed or shot.
    I lived in the center of a medium-sized city where, within a radius of a few 100 meters, incidents like this that ended in fatalities occurred every year or so. I know of two doormen who got shot and died.
    In a small town close by, a whole cafe got shot up with automatic fire, over a (perceived) insult. One of the victims was a little girl, shot in the head at point-blank range.

    • Merkel invited them all to Germany and Europe, she loves them , I don’t know how long citizens in Europe can take longer this horrific invasion..

      • That shooting was in the ’80s. This shit didn’t start in 2015, though it’s gotten worse, of course. But it’s been going on for 40+ years already.

    • Honor culture indeed. “Face”. See the link above for parallel in China.

      It’s especially apparent in teens, early 20s. Hormones, insecure identity, self-assertion. (Perfectchild’s métier, not mine.)

      All those male tards who’ve been coming into Europe for the last five years or so bodes ill. The imbalance of sex would be problematic no matter what, but this alien army spells disaster. The remedy throughout history has been to bleed out the excess.

      • Thanks for the link. I thought the Red Guards’ activities were common knowledge, outside China anyway. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to document more of the details.
        When was this document written? And is there an alternative (paper?) version? This HTML encoding unfortunately messed up a lot of the characters.

        I’m not sure how the Red Guards relate to honor violence in Europe? If you’re thinking of violence against teachers, yes of course that exists, but these thugs don’t need orders from higher up for that, nor do they wear armbands. They’re naturals.

        I know an (ex) art teacher who got knocked in the back of the head by a thug of Peace during class. Lost consciousness, and nobody did anything. When he came to, he immediately went home. The headmaster called and ordered him to come back immediately. the teacher told him to go to hell.
        I suspect it was a headmaster of Peace – we have schools now where the Peaceful run the show, and don’t actually teach. They’re corrupt and sell exam questions etc. They bully the regular teachers, who have integrity so cause problems, until they quit. Such teachers also get bullied by the parents of Peace.

        There’s also been a few school-shootings of Peace where I live. One headmaster got shot in the head at point-blank range during lunch. That was in the ’90s.
        There was a stabbing of Peace just outside a school that I passed everyday around the same time. Kid died after he tried to break up a fight of Peace, he got stabbed with a filed-down screwdriver.

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