Klaus Schwab tweet worth considering very carefully

Update: This is a parody account! I was totally fooled by this!

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  1. KLAUS SCHWAB on twitter – NOV 06 2020

    Current advice from imperialcollege is COVID19 can not spread through food.

    This information may be subject to change, however.

    This will be an innovative opportunity to issue Bill Gates and Richard Branson’s lab-grown protein products – the sustainable food of the future

    Bill Gates and Richard Branson are betting lab-grown meat might be the food of the future



    KLAUS SCHWAB on Twitter NOV 09 2020

    We are currently liaising with UK government ministers.

    We are advising them, in the light of an unprecedented pandemic, to implement legislation to arrest & prosecute those that celebrate Christmas.


    KLAUS SCHWAB on Youtube :

  2. Man Can Argue Regardless Of Who Won, Election Results Prove Jews Control US

    He had already blamed the Jews for the violence that has characterized the 2020 elections campaign, taking care to point to evidence that Jews bear responsibility for both left- and right-wing violence.

    Russia, China, Iran Accused Of Election Interference; Jews Not Used To 4th Place

    “Being overshadowed in this way should be welcome, I suppose, but my colleagues and I must also confess a sense of disappointment and discomfort. It just isn’t… normal.”


    • They could use the covid excuse: reduce obesity in the population, a category especially at risk for serious illness.

      Maximize utilty of WuFlu: it’s so useful you could almost believe it was made to order.

  3. One would think he would have a blue Twitter verified check-mark if he was truly the founder of the World Economic Forum. So easy to be fooled nowadays.

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