US Election rigging evidence post #23

1. U.S. President Donald Trump has won the state of Alaska

(The article goes on to make claims that I believe are not yet in evidence about the EC)

2. Interesting thread on Dominion Voting

3. Another witness to election fraud, this time in Detroit

4. Fox News Admits Wrong Call on Democrat House Seat Projections

Fox News’ Bret Baier on Wednesday acknowledged that the network’s Decision Desk incorrectly projected that Democrats would gain five seats in the House, but noted that the overall projection of Democrats holding their majority was sound.

“Democrats have clinched a majority in the House by reaching 218 seats,” Baier said.

“There are still a handful of races undecided. On election night, the Fox News Decision Desk correctly predicted soon after 9 Eastern that Democrats would retain control of the House. But they also estimated Democrats would add about five seats to their majority,” Baier said, adding: “That did not occur. Republicans have gained six seats with multiple races yet to be decided.”

5. The Democrat party’s ties to Dominion Voting Software Co.

6. IT’S HAPPENING: Trump Campaign Attorney Points to Dominion Fraud: “Communist China Materially Interfered with Our Election – TRUTH”

Prominent Attorney L. Lin Wood, who successfully represented teen Nicholas Sandmann in defamation suits against The Washington Post and CNN, joined the president’s efforts to win back the 2020 election late last week. L. Lin Wood grew concerned after Trump’s apparent historic landslide was nullified by criminal actions the days following the election.

7. Ed Snowdon shows how voting machines that were used for the November 3rd 2020 election can be hacked.

8. These are unbiased poll counters in Pennsylvania

9. Princeton Prof. on voting machine hacking to swap votes in 2008:

10. Update in Georgia vote counting. (Start at 5 minutes)

This is a reasonable summary of 2020

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    Amazing how 100% of dead voters vote Democrat


    Newsmax TV – Voters in Georgia feel they’ve been wronged | Doug Collins

    Congressman Doug Collins and Newsmax TV’s John Bachman discuss the ballot recount and undecided nature of presidential election results in his state, and how these results will affect a crucial Senate runoff race in the coming months.

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