US Election Fraud post #13

1. BREAKING: Whistleblower Comes Forward In Clark County, Claims They Witnessed Invalid Ballots Being Counted

On Saturday evening, the official Nevada GOP Twitter account announced that a whistleblower had come forward in Clark County, Nevada, claiming that they witnessed invalid ballots being counted.

“A whistleblower has come forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail ballots being counted without signatures being verified,” the Nevada GOP Twitter account tweeted with a video of the story on Fox News.

“In just the last hour in Nevada, an election worker whose job was to process mail in ballots, says he witness irregularities in counting those ballots and was told by a supervisor who he names to put through ballots he believed needed signature verification without that verification first being done,” Fox News reported. “He says he was also told to ignore discrepancies with addresses. That worker has sworn out an affidavit which has been sent out to the Department of Justice here in Washington.”

2. BBC article from 2016 about how to spot vote rigging in Niger

3. Fake reports

4. Ken over at Tundra Tabloids sends us this, and tells us it is VERY worth the time to watch. The man speaking has been in front of a House Congressional Panel.

5. I think we posted this one in another post but… I think its worth posting again

6. Newt on choreography of stopping counting

7. Interesting if true

8. From a Chinese language media outlet?

9. Protests Break out in Washington (Video at site)

At the highest court in the land, dozens of Trump supporters attended a “Stop the Steal” rally on Saturday to protest against what they claim is an unfair election. The president of a conservative, pro-constitution forum agrees with Supreme Court Justice Alito’s decision to have Pennsylvania separate ballots received after Election Day to be counted separately.

“We’re worried about the election, we came together to say, Stop stealing the election. And as you know, in Communist China, the government shuts down elections that they don’t like we’re going to let them happen. And what we’re seeing now is a combination of power by the media and big tech and power by local officials to try to steal an election. So we have to fight back.”

10. More protests in Az



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  1. “This Felt Like a Drug Deal!” – Asian-American Ballot Observer in Detroit Describes Mysterious Van Dropping Off 61 Boxes of Ballots at 4 AM (VIDEO)
    by Jim Hoft – November 7, 2020

    Gateway Pundits’ Video Link:
    2020 Detroit Ballot Counting. “What kind of an election is this? The scene felt like a drug deal.”
    E C – November 7, 2020

    • Unbelievable that a Chinese outlet publishes the story but not Corrupt MSM.

      So much is being reported now with regard to electoral fraud that it’s hard to keep up. Trump’s legal team must be exhausted. Pennsylvania is in deep trouble.

      • Earlier today I read a report that he is suppose to be hiring more lawyers, i don’t know anything about the website doing the reporting so I didn’t post it.

      • NTD is headquartered in New York City and does a very good job of reporting on world events. They do try to report on what is really happening in China but now they are trying to keep the US free so they have a free nation to live in while they work to educated the world on communist China.

  2. Youtube prompt me with this when I view a Trump post-election press conference. It’s odd. The video in the site dispels the idea of federal auditing (because ballot printing is at the local level), but neglects to mention the printer codes that tie each printout to the machine that printed that piece of paper. See and elsewhere on printer codes for COLOR printers.

    • What the man is saying is not what we are seeing in the videos, all of the precautions in the world are useless if the authorities who are suppose to enforce them are the ones committing vote fraud.

  3. The NTD interview in Detroit. This is what NTD is.

    New Tang Dynasty Television
    Television network

    New Tang Dynasty Television is a multilingual American television broadcaster, founded by Falun Gong practitioners, based in New York City. The station was founded in 2001 as a Chinese-language broadcaster, but has since expanded its language offerings. Wikipedia
    Galaxy 19 (North America): 11836 V 20765 3/4
    Customer service: 1 (212) 736-8535
    Founded: December 2001
    Headquarters location: New York, NY
    NSS 6 (Australia): 12736 V 3333 2/3
    ST 1 (Asia): 3689 H 3000 3/4

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