Ten items NOT related to the US election: Links 1, November 8, 2020

1. Red Pill Germany: Protests against Covid measures continue in Germany

2. Anti-Covid measures in Manchester

3. Liverpool to do barcode testing? Parents should feel “privileged” that the military will be testing kids for Covid

Please read this twitter thread where Pym Purnell, one of our friends from the UK, has checked this story out for us.

4. Ontario MPP Randy Hillier makes THE point

5. The 3 minute LeDrew interview that was censored by, well pretty much everyone.

6. The Rebel fights more ultra-vires measures against Ottawa businesses

(The more stories one hears like this, the more you get the sense that this isnt about science, a disease, the letter or spirit of a law, but about the total control and crushing of the people.)

7. Dutch Teacher Who Posted Jihadi-Mocking Cartoon Forced Into Hiding by Threats

A Dutch teacher in the city of Rotterdam was allegedly forced to go into hiding after receiving threats when he posted a picture of a cartoon mocking jihadists.

The teacher is said to have received various threats after posting a cartoon of a decapitated man with a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt sticking is tongue out at a jihadist with a bloody sword.

(And now muslims are so in control with their lefist partners, that they can force a man into hiding for mocking murderers with no connection to showing an image of mohammad or any other islamic religious figure. Think about what that means.)

9. AI can tell you are not wearing a mask!

10. Canada: Private member’s bill gets second reading to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 in Canada.

This means of course, that there will never be a Conservative or Libertarian type government ever again in Canada.

(Mind you, if you dropped the age to 5, then the families with the most kids would always win and they will mostly be conservative/Libertarian)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, KF., Sassy, Richard, EB., George Igler, Watchman2, Johnny U., ET., Simon Platt, and every9one who sent in materials and kept their spirits up, as well as each others, since November the 3rd.




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3 Replies to “Ten items NOT related to the US election: Links 1, November 8, 2020”

  1. #8: I believe one of the teacher’s muslim students tweeted a photo of the cartoon at her shcool and called it “disgusting”. It seems she thought the murderer was supposed to be Muhammad.

    Things like this have happened every now and then in the Netherlands for around 35 years, at least since the Satanic Verses controversy. Tbf most of the time it’s muslims speaking out against excesses in their own community, or doing things not allowed in their community (women running wine bars etc).

  2. 3 – Britain use to be a nation to be admired, not anymore

    10 – One of the states is going to lower their voting age to 17, the rest will probably follow suit over the next decade.

  3. If a child can vote at 16 yrs does that come with compulsory enlistment for active duty in the armed forces? And, surely if a child of sixteen is sufficiently responsible to vote it would follow they would be able to hold a drivers licence and to legally drink alcohol

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