US Election Fraud Post #12

1. CrossRoads: Pennsylvania voting curve does not add up

2. There is no “president elect” yet. “This is a 3rd Coup attempt

3. Georgia County Rescanning Ballots After Discovering Reporting Issue

Georgia county is rescanning ballots due to an issue related to reporting on the vote-counting conducted on Nov. 6, according to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

A monitor and investigators are on-site at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Raffensperger wrote on Twitter on Nov. 7.

“Fulton has discovered an issue involving reporting from their work on Fri. Officials are at State Farm Arena to rescan that work. I have a monitor & investigators onsite. Also sent Dep. SOS as well to oversee the process to make sure to secure the vote and protect all legal votes,” Raffensperger said.

Raffensperger’s office did not respond to a request for more details about the issue.

In a statement to news outlets, Fulton County said its elections director, Richard Barron, directed his staff to review provisional ballot counts “to ensure that all provisional ballots were reflected in the results.”

4. Kristi Noem for President 2024!

5. Biden’s Lead Over Trump in Arizona Again Dwindles With New Ballot Numbers

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump in Arizona lessened on Saturday after the reporting of some ballots from several counties.

Biden led by nearly 44,000 votes on Friday morning but had seen his lead dwindle by nearly 10,000 early Nov. 8.

By Saturday night, the lead was down to 18,610, according to unofficial results from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’s website.

Biden now leads with 49.5 percent of the vote, compared to Trump’s 48.9 percent.

Libertarian Jo Jorgensen has over 49,000 votes as of the latest count, equal to 1.5 percent.

If the margin between Biden and Trump ends up falling within 0.1 percent or less, an automatic recount will be triggered.

6. Affidavits: Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During Count

Two observers who were at the TCF Center in Detroit during the absentee ballot counting process have produced affidavits claiming they witnessed workers create new voter files with information obtained from ballots.

Bob Cushman, who was an appointed and trained Republican poll challenge, wrote in an affidavit:

The main list of persons who had registered to vote on or before November 1, 2020, was listed on an electronic poll book, often referred to as the QVF. As I understand it, the Supplemental Sheets were the lists of persons who had registered to vote on November 2, 2020 or November 3, 2020.

I observed that none of the names on these new ballots were on the QVF or the Supplemental Sheets.
I saw the computer operators at several counting boards manually adding the names and addresses of these thousands of ballots to the QVF system.

7. Good observations

8. More enemy propaganda media:

9. Ted Cruz details some of the fraud

10. Gov. Noem Details Reports Of Glitches, Dead People Voting: “People Have Signed Legal Documents”

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12 Replies to “US Election Fraud Post #12”

  1. The election isn’t over by a long shot and neither is the massive riots by the left when they think their election steal isn’t going to work. Given what has been reported the SCOTUS will have to either throw out a lot of votes or order certain states to revote (Until this mess I didn’t know this was possible in a Federal Election) or kick the can down the road until the House of Representatives chooses the President.

    3 choices, none of them good and all of them leading to massive violence by the Dem militias, in an honest election Biden doesn’t stand a chance and the Dems know this.

    After thinking this over the redo of the election in the States where the law suits are occurring seems to be the best solution. It won’t stop the screaming or rioting but it will be the best solution to allow the voters to decide.

      • The riots will start and the Guard will shut them down, that is when antifa (by whatever name they are going to use) will shift from riots to urban guerrilla mode. The Deep State/The Swamp/The Sewer are going to fight back, i expected vote fraud in this election but not this open or this big. Its going to get nasty.

  2. This all seems extraordinary to an Englishman. We place our “X” on a piece of paper and the votes are counted by hand starting as soon as the polls close and nothing is announced until the counting is done.

    It’s almost impervious to fraud. Perhaps that’s the problem.

    • That is how Canada does it, but last time they handed me a soft lead pencil. I told them to give me a pen and I wouldn’t leave till they did. You could actually remove the X with the pencil with your thumb.

    • The so-called Presidential Election is more like American baseball: There are fifty elections, each of which (except for Maine and Nebraska) is to determine how that. state’s electors will vote en massive at the upcoming college (convention). Maine and Nebraska of late opted out of the winner-take-all approach and now reckon their elector votes by popular vote, whatever that means to the state–I am not sure. The apparent point of it is to make it as complex as possible. We even have a term, faithless elector, for the elector who casts his or her vote at the college for a candidate other than that the specific state has authorized. This occurred in

  3. #4 What is the difference between a Senator and a Governor? The Governor knows that he or she cannot print money. Gov. R. has my vote in 2024. She can pick Sen. Marco Rubio to have a more liberal running mate.

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