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3 Replies to “Part of Tucker Carlson for November 5 2020”

  1. When I was a kid the Democrats controlled Missouri with the motto of vote early and vote often, I saw more open corruption in the voting then most people would believe. It took one very corrupt Governor to create enough disgust with the Dems to break their hold on Missouri The political corruption I am seeing now is more open and blatant then when I was a kid but it is the same party showing the same disdain for the voters.

    The way the People in Philadelphia ignores a Federal Court Order is particularly disturbing they are showing what life in the neo-feudal system the Dems want to impose on us. .Pray for court rulings that are following the laws the way they were written.

    • Same in MA.
      That’s why I hate the Kennedy machine, the revisionist history machine they locked in place.
      It’s never been stronger. It kills me to read mushy odes to the “martyred” saint on conservative sites. They have no idea how profound the depravity‚Ķ
      Like “Saint FDR”. Total commie shill.

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