Vienna jihadi had track record of Jihad activity, but released cause ‘deradicalized’ according to muslims

One minute of silence in Austria to onor the victims of the terrorist shooting spree in Vienna:

Details about the shooter, in German:

20 year old man with a North-Macedonian background (1/3 of that population is muslim, and of Turkish, Albanian or Romani ancestry). He was convicted on 25. April 2019 of trying to join IS in Syria, and sentenced to 22 months. He was released on probation on 5 december, due to his young age.

He was shot close to the Ruprecht Church.

Police are arresting the people he was in contact with, they’ve raided 15 houses.

During the attack, he was armed with an assault rifle, handgun, machete and fake bomb vest. He posted a photo of 2 of his weapons on Instagram before the attack.

According to his lawyer he was a nice boy from a good family, who fell in with the wrong crowd and was radicalized at a mosque.

He was treated by a de-radicalisation group called Derad. They declared he was no longer a threat, a condition for his release.

14 people have been arrested so far (other source).

17 of the victims are now in hospital, some with shotwounds, some with slash wounds.

Two raids in St. Pölten, 2 people arrested:

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6 Replies to “Vienna jihadi had track record of Jihad activity, but released cause ‘deradicalized’ according to muslims”

  1. This really brings it ‘home’: St. Polten was ‘the big town’ nearest to the village in which the refugee center I was staying in was…haven’t heard/read the name of St. Polten since.

  2. He tricked the authorities to go the de-radicalization program for early release, how all this governments all over Europe can be so naive to believe Muslims, a specially Merkel&CO , they never integrate, have no intention to integrate, stop importing them to Europe!!..

  3. They don’t have ankle bracelets or parole officers in Austria? It is evidently too easy to fall into the “wrong crowd.” In the US, families of victims would be suing Derad until it was de-established.

  4. It would be interesting to do some research into the Staff of DERAD, to see their Political Ideology.
    If I remember correctly, quite a few “De-radicalized” Jihadist have been the source for a lot of grief throughout Europe over the past few years.

    Maybe someone that knows what to look for could check them out.

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