Very important thread from James Woods. People BUSTING cheating all across the US for Biden

Check through this whole thread. There had better be charges laid.


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    One of the worst most unforgivable actions of the Democrat Party and their media henchmen is the fact that they gave credence to the reasoning of “Black Lives Matter” and Colin Kaepernick’s damn knee instead of thoroughly condemning both. BLM is a hate organization that bases its philosophy on the lie that white cops are out there shooting up young black guys for no reason while the white justice system sits back and does nothing, which is unmitigated bullshit. It’s not nice to falsely accuse people of murder and BLM would not even exist if the Democrats would just be honest about it. Same deal with Antifa. If there are riots tonight or tomorrow it is entirely the fault of the Democrats and their minions. Entirely!

    Anyone who says that either of these groups has good intentions and valid points to make is a useful idiot of the highest degree. A black belt in useful idiocy…

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