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7 Replies to “Open Letter to President Trump from former Papal Nuncio to Washington”

  1. From a Jewish point of view: Let the Pope have the wealth and power of the Vatican; Viagno is earning a place in Eternity.
    What besides material possesions in this world is keeping the Church under one roof? I hereby coin #Vexit.

    • More like a Second Reformation, that was when the Protestants broke with the Vatican and the Roman Church slowly returned to preaching the Bible. Now they and a lot of the Protestants have been infiltrated and are preaching “liberation theology” according to Marx instead of preaching Christ. The People who will leave the Catholics have already left but we may well see two competing Roman Catholic Church. The side that wants to return to follow the Bible will end up winning but we are probably going to see a lot of name calling and possibly a lot of violence before the issue is settled.

  2. Wow, a Papal Nuncio just called the Pope a traitor. Next big schism on the horizon? Most Christian leaders just don’t get this.

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