Facebook censoring facts on Islam using a jihadi fact checker: Links 1, November 3rd, 2020

1. Salvini wearing Trump Mask

2. Riots in Naples: 200 Nigerians armed with knives attack police (video) The police blocked traffic on Corso Garibaldi for more than an hour because of an intervention in the Borgo Sant’Antonio in Via Michele Morelli. After 6:00 pm, police intervened and closed a Nigerian-run bar. At least 200 Africans were gathered there. The reaction was violent and the police were attacked by Africans armed with knives. At least one police officer was injured. To suppress the violence, two armored vehicles and several police patrols were forced to intervene.

From VOX News.

3. Facebook now censoring facts on Islam

4. A small look at the current state of White genocide in South Africa

5. Rabbi who witnessed part of the attack in Vienna

6. Parliament House Freedom day protests in Melbourne (Worthy analysis by narrator. It seems the Chinese model is in force. If you criticize government, then you get the full force of law)

7. ANTIFA Terrorists Storm a Seattle News Outlet for Covering Their Riotous Behavior in the City (Oct. 30)

A group of left-wing ANTIFA terrorists stormed a news outlet in Seattle in retaliation after they reported accurately about the group’s orgy of destruction in the city.

News station KING was targeted by ANTIFA terrorists because reporter Chris Ingalls posted some photos of suspected ANTIFA terrorists on his Twitter account.

8. Trump Can’t Win compilation from last election

9. “Do I set the bomb-clock an hour forwards or back for Daylight savings?”

Tweet by Arnoud van Doorn, ex-member of PVV (Geert Wilders), converted to salafism and now politician for muslim party NIDA (the Hague, the Netherlands):
A school in The Netherlands (Trinitas College In Heerhugowaard) published an islmophobic cartoon on the outside of the schoolbuilding.

10. Nigel Farage checks out the concerning preparations made in DC for the election, presumably in anticipation of a Trump victory.

Thank you Johnny U., M., C., Malevolent Pixie, Mary Andrew, EB., Mad W., Michelle, Bob Smith and MANY names I don’t know and many more regulars.

The plan is to try and stay on top of events today on the site. But as always, please do post links to election and terrorism related events as they become known to the Reader’s Links Comments. And let’s hope for an uneventful and even boring day other than the results of the US election.

Just a thought.

It is nearly impossible to boycott UPS as there are so few options and FEDEX voice mail system is a laughable nightmare.

But it might be worth making a statement in the following way, and for your protection.

On every parcel you send by UPS, mark clearly on the package:


This should improve the chances of its getting to its destination unharmed a great deal.

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