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18 Replies to “German Police Orwell the streets with warnings about new Covid regs”

    • Rewind – “Edward Snowden: Traitor or Hero?”
      by Wallis W. Wood – July 26, 2013


      When the story first broke, I was impressed that this obscure contractor was willing to turn his life upside down to expose the truth about the NSA’s massive surveillance efforts. “Good for him,” was my first reaction. What an incredibly brave thing to do, I thought, knowing that he would immediately become the declared enemy of the most powerful government on Earth.

      But it’s not civil disobedience if you’re not willing to face the consequences of your actions. I hoped that Snowden would come back to the United States and face his accusers in an open and public trial. Instead, he fled to China and then on to Russia — two countries that aren’t exactly known for a commitment to the freedom of their own citizens. And if he ever gets permission to leave Russia, he’s indicated that he might like to settle in Venezuela or Bolivia — two countries that are a lot closer to a “dictatorship of the proletariat” than anything resembling the Constitutional protections that we have long taken for granted.

      What’s next? Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s Russian attorney, told CNN: “As far as I know, he’s planning to stay in Russia to learn Russian culture, Russian language and (to) live here.” If he does, it won’t be anything like his life in Hawaii before all this happened, where Snowden himself said he lived in “paradise.”

      Our government has asked Russia to extradite Snowden back to the United States, but it doesn’t sound like Russian President Vladimir Putin has any intention of granting that request. (There is no extradition treaty between the two countries.) Putin has said that Snowden will need to “stop his work aimed at harming our American partners” if he wants to remain in the country.

      Meanwhile, both Venezuela and Bolivia have said they would be delighted to grant asylum to Snowden. And Nicaragua has said it would do so “if circumstances permit,” whatever that means.

      “Analyst Says Anti-NSA Campaign Benefits America’s Enemies”
      by Cliff Kincaid – August 16, 2013


      Turning his attention to this case, Trevor Loudon notes that reports indicate that in March 2013, when he sought a job with NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton at an NSA facility in Hawaii, Snowden presumably signed the required classified-information agreements and would have been well aware of the law and potential penalties for breaching laws regarding the information he would have access to. Nevertheless, Snowden broke these agreements and has been charged with espionage. He has been granted political asylum in Russia.

      Before taking the job in Hawaii, Loudon notes, Snowden had already been in contact with Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras, who serve together on the Board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a funder of WikiLeaks.

      This is a critical point, reflecting the fact that Snowden could not have engaged in espionage without the help of others, including left-wing networks based in the U.S. Accuracy in Media has reported that the Freedom of the Press Foundation “is made possible by the fiscal sponsorship of the Foundation for National Progress,” the publisher of Mother Jones magazine, which is backed by several prominent liberal foundations, including the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros.

      Loudon noted statements Greenwald delivered at an international communist conference, including that “the only thing that can truly strengthen America’s national security is a weakening of America.” Loudon responded that “He openly wants to see America weakened militarily. What better way to weaken America militarily, to the advantage of Islamic terrorism, than to weaken or destroy the NSA?”

    • KeyWiki – Edward Snowden
      Excerpt – subtitle “Will fight extradition”

      June 12, 2012, Ex-CIA staffer whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed fresh details of US surveillance to a Chinese newspaper. He also vowed to fight any extradition attempt from Hong Kong. Snowden spoke from the secret location as his whereabouts remain unknown.
      The interview to the South China Morning Post is the first time whistleblower Edward Snowden had spoken to the press since disclosing his identity as being behind highly sensitive leaks revealing details of the US’s NSA spy program.

      “America’s Enemies in Hollywood Then and Now”
      by James Simpson – March 1, 2015

    • America’s Enemies in Hollywood – 4 Video Playlist
      March 2, 2015
      Video #3 is Part 1

      Edward Snowden’s Bloody Hands
      USA Survival – November 21, 2014

      This November 17, 2014, National Press Club news conference outlines how Snowden has provided highly classified intelligence information to Russia and China, helped ISIS evade NSA surveillance, disclosed documents designed to undermine the U.S.-Israeli intelligence-sharing relationship, made Israel more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and undermined the U.S. ability to monitor any nuclear deal Obama may make with Iran

  1. Thanks EB. In the end there seem to be few coincidences. Greenwald the journalist with integrity slips into leftist narrative seemingly unaware. Snowden the exposer slips in with Mafia Vlad, Tards and ruthless collectivists. No wonder PT held off with the pardon.

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