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2 Replies to “Democrat Senate Candidate explains how to lie to stupid people to get them to vote for him”

  1. Promises, a crooked, most of them are, Politicians way to get the people to believe a LIE.
    Ve haf vays off maykin hyu belief……. in all the Bullshit we’re feeding you, so that you’ll give up your Freedoms on your own accord.

    Sometimes I wonder if most people that are allowed to Vote should make an “Common Sense Test” before they are allowed to Vote.
    And the same goes for a Politician, before he/she/it and whatnot is allowed to run for any public Office .
    (Although I believe the IT’s and Whatnots have already disqualified themselves here)

  2. the left thinks the working class and rural voters are really stupid, that is why they are loosing voters all the time and have to cheat to win elections.

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