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2 Replies to “Police raid Birthday party in Germany”

  1. This is interesting. The cop interrupts the party “…with pleasure…”. This means his mindset sides with the Neo-communist State and not the people. And his “pleasure” reveals not a man carrying out a regrettable task because he was ordered to do so and needs to keep his job, but card-carrying power tripper.

    The birthday boy puts up a great resistance. However it doesn’t seem to occur to him when he asks the police if they know of him, that his party has been interrupted, in fact, because he is known by authorities. Stasi knowhow didn’t evaporate in eastern Germany in 1989. Actually, it leaked out over the West like toxic sludge. So my bet is if this man is a troublemaker someone above the cops sent trouble “with pleasure”.

    My greatest curiosity is, if the sum total of devastating social and economic effects of Covid-19 are considered scientifically and not politically, where are George Soros, Bill Gates and the rest of our stratospheric luminaries to speak up for common sense? They are crickets in this regard, and so reveal themselves to be not for, but against humanity. There can be no hidden, greater wisdom held by these all-powerfuls to justify the crushing of world commerce and individuals’ psychological health.

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