Fast 5 items for October 24, 2020

1. Excellent thread on what happens to Canadian doctors who attempt to go public with opposition to the narrative position on Covid

2. Political dyslexia

3. How wrong can Trump opponents be I wonder.

4. Important list of verboten items:


5. Sudan normalizes relations with Israel.

(President Trump among other major accomplishments, has brought peace to the middle east, gave up his salary as President for a great cause, and even offered his own blood for antibodies to Covid 19. Anyone who doesn’t vote for him on November 3rd, has another agenda which has nothing to do with what is good for the US or the West or the cause of Freedom.)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., MarcusZ1967, EB., ET., and MANY more.

(More to come a little later today)

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  1. The (politically correct) police and the (I was just obeying orders) Feds are practicing for after the election, once Trump wins they want to be ready to blame Trump supporters for the riots.

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