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4 Replies to “On Hydroxychloroquine, Covid19 and Donald Trump”

  1. Does the truth even matter any more? We have clear, smoking-gun evidence of Joe Biden and his son Hunter committing egregious acts of good old fashioned political corruption and still they both sleep in their own beds at night. Hillary Clinton murdered the president of Libya, was malfeasant over Benghazi, and criminally mishandled classified information, but still, nothing. That’s murder and corruption, folks, not a speeding ticket. But apparently, having the word “Democrat” written on your forehead makes you invulnerable to all responsibility or consequence.

    You can’t get more busted than that, folks, and the proof that hydroxychloroquine works is just as undeniable, but if you ask the average person about it they will scoff and say they’ve heard the stuff is dangerous and doesn’t work – the facts be damned. As long as the media keeps doubling down on their lies

    The Democrats seem to control the truth whether it’s true or not. When will this end? Just wait until you see what they’ve got in store for us if Trump loses and they ever really get going on climate change. It’ll make this COVID/mask thing look like child’s play. They will have the power to judge every move you make on the basis of how “essential” it is and then judge you on the basis of political correctness. It will be Nazi Germany and the Democrats will become the Nazis they’ve always wanted to be. Lying bastards!

  2. I bought Hydroxychloroquine during the 90’s all over Africa from Pharmacies and Grocery Stores for literally less than a bottle of Coca Cola.
    I wonder how much they charge now?

  3. Could another Reader pull up an article from the MSM or defensenews.mil accoint of PT’s treatment plan? I recall reading Remdesivir, steroids, and “other medicines.” They did not mean aspirin!

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