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2 Replies to “Assad calls Erdogan the main instigator of Nagorno-Karabakh war”

  1. What I absolutely cannot figure out is why anybody would be stupid enough to believe the “White Helmet” and take their word that al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people just at the exact moment that it would obviously bring down the wrath of the United States and their damn “red lines”, which they have no right to draw in the first place…

    And then they bombed the shit out of a Syrian airport because of a false flag lie perpetrated by the lying “White Helmets”. Why, oh why, are so many top US officials so utterly clued-out to what’s going on? Do they only hire on the basis of “political reliability” only? Is the director of the CIA simply the biggest yes-man in the outfit? Is that the only requirement for promotion? Guess so…

    • The White Helmets were a scam.
      But the fact is – Assad’s really, REALLY into chemical weapons. A CW freak.

      He’s got 50 sites manufacturing the stuff now. Precursors seem to be no problem – he’s getting equipment from Germany, among other places.

      Putin’s not going to play policeman.

      And neither are we, unless there’s a significant episode that makes us lose “face”. That would have meaningful repercussions in this part of the world.

      Israel only hits Iran-linked sites that target Israelis.

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