Dipping your elbow into the bathwater of leftist thought: Links 1, October 6, 2020

1. Ted Cruz tweet on the core nature of the NYT


But Trump outwitted the blue checks once again:

Trump Adds ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sticker To SUV So Media Can’t Claim He’s Spreading COVID (Parody)

2. Erdogan: Macron’s remarks on Islam clear provocation

The French president’s recent claims about Islam amount to a dangerous provocation, Turkey’s president said on Tuesday.

“[Emmanuel] Macron’s statement on ‘Islam is in crisis’ in a city where Muslims are the majority go beyond disrespect and are a clear provocation,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a gathering of mosque and religious workers in the Turkish capital Ankara.

A French president making statements urging the restructuring of Islam is “rude,” Erdogan added.

Last Friday, Macron announced a controversial plan against so-called “Islamist separatism” in the country.

In a speech in the western Paris suburb of Les Mureaux – an area with a large Muslim population – Macron claimed that Islam is “experiencing a crisis across the world”.

The statement sparked criticism among Muslims worldwide.

3. Man with a large knife shot at Schiphol Airport

The Koninklijke Marechaussee shot a man with a large knife in the leg in Schiphol Airport’s departure hall on Monday.

The man was threatening people in the departure hall and attacked responding officers, a spokesperson for the Marechaussee, a policing force that works as part of the Dutch military and is responsible for airport security, said to NU.nl.

The Marechaussee had to overpower the man after he “repeatedly” did not respond to instructions to put down the knife, the Marechaussee said on Facebook. The man was arrested and taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

A short time later, a second suspect was arrested for possible involvement in this incident. Surveillance camera footage showed the man with the suspect. His involvement is under investigation. 

(As usual, no images, names, or eye witness descriptions. At this point we know what that means.)

4. Its now racist to say that the racist riots by BLM/ANTIFA are violent.

5. Portland’s Antifa mayoral candidate leads Ted Wheeler by 11 points

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler trails by double-digits to Antifa-identified Sarah Iannarone, according to a poll that surveyed likely voters on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance, reported Willamette Week. Wheeler was reported to be polling at just 30 percent to Iannarone’s 41 percent, with the remainder of voters split on what they will do with their vote. A total of 16 percent said they would be writing in a candidate, and just 13 percent said they remained undecided.

6. Maxime Bernier, Canada’s only non-socialist leader on contemporary issues

7. Covid also avoids Shiia muslim gatherings in NYC as well as leftist insurgents apparently. New York October 5 2020

8. On Hunter Biden and the Burisma Payoff

9. This is a fair bust. He was really pushing BC a while back, in fact we posted the interview, but he didn’t say why. Which is that he had a ton of it.

10. Montreal: Muslim knife attacker had Qur’an and shouted ‘Allah,’ cops searching for motive

“It is still difficult to understand the motives of the man.”

Yes, because denial and willful ignorance are all-pervasive today.

“Knife attack in Montreal-North | ‘Many heard the suspect cry out to Allah!,’” translated from “Attaque au couteau à Montréal-Nord | ‘Plusieurs ont entendu le suspect crier Allah!,’” 98.5 Montréal, October 6, 2020 (thanks to Gisele):

We know more about the circumstances surrounding the knife attack that occurred on Sunday at fire station 18 located near the Rivière-des-Prairies in Montreal-North.

“People there told me that the man was not just holding a knife in his hands, but also a Koran,” said criminal affairs columnist Marie-Laurence Delainey on Tuesday morning at Paul Arcand’s microphone.

It is still difficult to understand the motives of the man. The terrorist thesis has been explored, but would not be favored by investigators….

11. South African Farmers begin to mobilize after recent farm murders:


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ET., Richard, C., Johnny U., Malevolent Pixie, PC., and everyone who sent in materials. Stand by for some newly translated videos.

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8 Replies to “Dipping your elbow into the bathwater of leftist thought: Links 1, October 6, 2020”

  1. 11 – The Blacks in South Africa has started a race war, this is a war that the Europeans may force them to lose but it is not a given that they will lose. They have fought against the odds before and won so they may do it again.

  2. 4. “Michelle Obama Releases Video, Says It’s “Morally Wrong” and “Racist” to Say Black Lives Matter Riots are Violent (VIDEO)”

    Don’t worry, “Reverse Mentoring” is going to change all this.

    What was once just a lateral thinking idea, “Reverse Mentoring” to bring tangeble skills and knowledge cheaply into an organization from new staff; now brings a new set of skills: unresolved issues of ‘why I never started my own business.’ Reparations, in every form to soon follow or they’ll burn the place down. Because obviously, a sign must follow – to show this is working. The false Narrative of Racism before them. Immigrants that wanted to start at the Housing Office.

    Watching companies go bust and countries inverted to die through hating their forefathers, has never been so easy. Metoring their lack of resilience and character with blame-shame solutions. Rather than leaving problems at home and just doing the job, employers work for you. Until, ‘talent is no opportunity,’ and Diversity Got Me A Seat On The Board.

    Rather than face their own mammas, and repent for resenting the whores that enraged them to submit into becoming New Creations of pride, they’re going to make The White Man apologize and rape his bitch. Such is the love.

    Everyone has seen what “Black” Culture is doing to nations. What islam has done. What Communism has done What Sexscrewality is doing.

    And by bringing these lowest forms of humanity into the workplace, it is going to improve productivity where customers have to talk to the hand. The wokeness of insulting your audience. The foundation of service – the customer is always right by becoming their humble servant, vanishes into selling them a pair counterfeit genes.

    Mentoring, counselling and psychotherapy is all that is needed… or reverse counselling, reverse psychotherapy…

    Someone already mansplained about this:

    “…mentoring is:

    “[..].] the process of using specially selected and trained individuals (mentors) to provide guidance, pragmatic advice and continuing support which will help the person or persons allocated to learn and develop.” (Armstrong, 2017. Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page 14th edition”

    “Notice how there is no mention of age or seniority. There are no set parameters that the mentor and mentee need to fit within…”

    Well, now the “set of parameters” of Preferential Identities, are in.

    Welcome to the madhouse.

    Post-Socialist Empires killed millions of their own populations. Expanding outwards, with no resistance, will be creating exactly the same Useful Idiots they had done before when there were many little kingdoms to defeat. The West, unable to wake up in time before having already destroyed their own defences – defund the police, looting shops and businesses – just like they had earlier destroyed their own moral defences.

    • I searched for “talk to the hand”. Such an odd phrase.

      It seems there’s a risk of getting beat up if you say it to a frisky urban “yoot”. Maybe accompanied by the palm facing out toward your interlocutor is understood as a yo mama gesture?

    • Reverse Mentoring has been appropriated to invent a preferential Class Identity of “Blacks.”

      Victims to Heroes:
      Islam has willing slaves.
      Communism has willing informants.
      Sexual deviants have willing suitors.

      Another line of surrender given to those weak before the strong: to be made Marshalls and therefore strong before the weak.

      Every coward is a winner.

      This relationship, with that kind of person, forced upon us. The buck, cuck and suck activists now everywhere.

      • The evidence is: only a Black can deliver Black Lives Matter’s reverse mentoring.

        Equal Opportunity is not enough.

        More of telling you to agree to what they believe – a dhimmi status stage – until you can be perminantly removed.

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