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7 Replies to “SCOTUS pick”

  1. Many women will identify with her. And her Black adopted children are a definite asset that will make it difficult for Blacks to bash her.

    All I can say, she projects a persona of the type of individual one would want as a friend. That is very important.

    A wonderful speech, well thought-out and delivered. And her children are obviously the product of a well-structured upbringing, slated for success.

    I forecast even some Democrats will vote in her favor.

    • This is real strength.

      A nation reinforcing its commitment to rule of law when so many forces are arrayed against it. I can see patriotic conservatives saving the United States we know and love. This is the type of judge who is supposed to be the antithesis of corruption and bias because she will try to apply the laws as they are written, and let this conviction take judgement where it may. How is this for faith in a constitution! Every country on Earth should heed this clarion call to America’s pureness of heart.

      • We are going to do our best to keep the light of liberty shining bright, the left is going to get a surprise this election as more people vote for Trump them haunt their worst nightmares. Plus there is a good chance that during his second term Trump will get to appoint a 4th Justice.

        If we can keep the radical left from seizing control his Judicial Appointments are what is going to save freedom and the Constitution.

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